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MaxAmps.com 9-cell 10.8V NiMH Pack for Traxxas VXL Vehicles


MaxAmps.com 9-cell 10.8V NiMH Pack for Traxxas VXL Vehicles

MaxAmps.com has released a new pack designed to fit perfectly in the stock Traxxas Stampede VXL, Bandit VXL, and Rustler VXL. This pack comes with the Traxxas High Current connector installed on the pack.         

MaxAmps.com is pleased to announce the release of its “4400mah 10.8V Pack” , which details a brand new design specifically built to fit the new Traxxas Stampede VXL, Bandit VXL, and Rustler VXL.

The pack will give you higher voltage than any other off the shelf NiMH on the market. More voltage equals more power and higher top speed for those high speed VXL enthusiasts. This pack can be charged with a standard NiMH charger and will be easier to care for than the lithium polymer options on the market. Nothing like this has ever been built as a production pack before, according to Austin Else, CEO of MaxAmps.com. 

“There is no other battery manufacturer out there who offers 10.8V packs specifically designed to fit these new vehicles,” Austin explains. “It will be great for the first time RC enthusiast who wants to go fast on a budget.” 

The “4400mah 10.8V Pack” is available for $74.99 at www.MaxAmps.com. For more information about the new pack, contact MaxAmps.com directly at 888-654-4450.


About MaxAmps.com
MaxAmps.com is based in Nine Mile Falls, Wash. In addition to producing the “NiMH 4400mah 10.8V Pack”, the company also offers lithium polymer packs, chargers, and other RC related equipment. The Website features an online membership program where customers can save up to 20% by being a member. Registration to the membership program is free.  





Updated: July 22, 2015 — 10:49 AM
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