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LRP C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. 100mV Radio Set

LRP C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. 100mV Radio Set

New from LRP:

Fast, Safe, Reliable – is what describes the new LRP transmitter at its best!

With the C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. LRP is presenting one of the most advanced and successful transmitters of today. This transmitter with all its high-tech features and specially selected electronic components is one of the best transmitters currently available on the market.

The LRP C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. is a 2.4GHz system featuring the state-of-the-art F.H.S.S. technology! In keeping with the LRP motto “Blue is better”, the LRP C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. provides unique reliability and highly secure transmission – problems with busy frequencies are history!

F.H.S.S. Technology

The latest F.H.S.S. technology impresses by its unique reliability and highly secure transmission. The new method of transmitting radio signals uses a certain frequency just for the blink of an eye. Even if the carrier frequency is getting disrupted the interference is just affecting a fraction of the entire signal.

Adjustment possibilities of your computertransmitter

  • Digital Dual Rate Steering Adjustment (EPA)
  • Digital Throttle and Steering Trim
  • 10 Model-Memory with names
  • 3-Step Anti Lock Braking (ABS)
  • Exponentialfunction (EXP)
  • Lever for Channel 3

Big LC Display

  • 10 memory slots
  • User friendly menu structure
  • Permanent battery status display

High-Perfomance Package

  • New F.H.S.S. Technology
  • 2.4GHz Mini 3-channel reveiver
  • LED battery status display
  • Ergonomic steering wheel in pistol design
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Charge socket for optional NiCds
  • Stylish packaging box can be used for Transport


  • All New F.H.S.S. Technology
  • Crystal- and interference-free 2.4GHz technology
  • Adjustment possibities of your computer transmitter
  • Big LC Display
  • 10 models program
  • High-Perfomance Package


Number of ports 3
Weight 405g
Output voltage 100 mV
Transmission Frequency 2.4 GHz
Power Supply 8x AA Alkaline batteries, 12V
Modulation method F.H.S.S.


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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 9:05 PM
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