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Losi announces NEW Desert Truck RTR!

The Losi guys have been on fire! The Speed-T (reviewed last month) put a street-spin on the stadium-truck formula, and now Losi is back in the dirt with the red-hot Desert Truck.

It uses the same CR-style long-wheelbase chassis as the Speed-T, but adds a full rear cage and baja-style front bumper/grill guard with a cutaway body for a true desert-racer look complete with bulging fenders and functional LED lighting!

AT tires and 6-spoke “bead-lock-look” wheels complete the style makeover, but the Desert Truck isn’t just a skin-deep beauty; tech features abound. Aluminum-body shocks and heavy-duty steel turnbuckles with new eyelet-style ends make the Desert Truck fully adjustable, and Losi specs the same MSX digital servo found in the Speed-T. You won’t find Losi’s Xcelorin brushless system, but you do get a 32000rpm motor, Losi 12T speed control, and a Losi radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz goodness.

And here’s a biggie: the Desert Truck is the first Losi 1/10 truck to get a gear-diff! It’s the perfect match for the Desert-T’s “more driving/less wrenching” mission.

For much more info and pics, go to Losi’s Desert Truck page.

To talk about the new truck, go to the Hot News & New Stuff forum.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:09 PM
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