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Losi Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Option Parts for the Ten-T

Losi Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Option Parts for the Ten-T
New from Losi:

Name:  LOSB2130-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  17.4 KB

Aluminum Rear Hubs
LOSB2130 – $40.49

Name:  LOSB4113-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  22.9 KB

Adjustable Rear Hinge Pin Holder Set
LOSB4113 – $34.19

Name:  LOSB4112-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  23.5 KB

Adjustable Front Hinge Pin Holder Set
LOSB4112 – $33.24

Name:  LOSB2172-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  21.1 KB

4mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower
LOSB2172 – $31.34

Name:  LOSB2171-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  23.2 KB

Machined Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
LOSB2171 – $31.34

Name:  LOSB2167-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  25.8 KB

Machined Aluminum Front Shock Tower
LOSB2167 – $28.49Name:  LOSB2173-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  23.0 KB

4mm Carbon Front Shock Tower
LOSB2173 – $28.49

Name:  LOSB2223-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  18.1 KB

Aluminum Front Chassis Brace
LOSB2223 – $23.74

Name:  LOSB2224-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  12.8 KB

Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace
LOSB2224 – $17.99

Name:  LOSB2907-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  11.3 KB

Shock Standoffs
LOSB2907 – $17.99

Name:  LOSB2846-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  14.3 KB

Aluminum Shock Tops
LOSB2846 – $14.99

Name:  LOSB2908-450.jpg Views: 0 Size:  15.4 KB

Aluminum Shock Collars
LOSB2908 – $8.99

Updated: January 7, 2011 — 11:00 AM
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