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Kyosho V-One Series Upgrades: Pinions, Clutch Assembly, Brake Rotor, Offset Wheel Hub

Kyosho V-One Series Upgrades: Pinions, Clutch Assembly, Brake Rotor, Offset Wheel Hub

New from Kyosho:The V-One RRR Shimo Edition 1/10 on-road racer is an instant legend, taking the best parts of the World Championship- winning V-One and combining it with a “clean sheet” design. But, the V-One is in a constant state of evolution to stay at the front of the pack. It’s in this spirit that Kyosho has released optional new lightweight racing brake disk, multi offset wheel hubs, 3-D racing clutch assembly and a variety of hardened pinions.

No. VZW216 V-One Series Aluminum Mid. Shaft Mount
No. VZW226 V-One Series Multi Offset Wheel Hubs 2pc.
No. VZW227 V-One Series Light Weight Racing Brake Rotor
No. VZW229 V-One Series 3-D Racing Clutch Assembly
No. VZW230-16 1st Hardened Pinion 16T
No. VZW230-17 1st Hardened Pinion 17T
No. VZW231-21 2nd Hardened Pinion 21T
No. VZW231-22 2nd Hardened Pinion 22T
No. VZW231-23 2nd Hardened Pinion 23T

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