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Kershaw Designs HPI 5T/5B Brushless Conversion Kit

Kershaw Designs HPI 5T/5B Brushless Conversion Kit

New from Kershaw Designs:Take the awesome size of HPI’s 5T or 5B, combine the raw torque of brushless power and just watch what happens. Get this basic kit and then use a brushless system that you might already have or pick and choose from the huge array of systems we stock. If you’re really power hungry, bolt on 2 brushless motors.


  • Motor not included!
  • Motor mount made from 100% heat treated 6061 aluminum.
  • Room to mount 1 or 2 brushless motors.
  • Velcro battery straps can secure 2x3S, 4x3S, 1x6S or 2x6S LiPo packs.
  • Mounts available that will accept standard small scale motors, Castle Creation’s 1717 motors (4mm screws, 25mm spacing) and Neu 2200 Series motors (4mm screws, 33mm spacing).
  • Giant 9mm wide delrin spur gear. A wider gear distributes stress over a larger area.
  • Simple, easy conversion that takes about 1-2 hours.
  • Kit includes choice of one pinion gear. Additional pinions available for second motor or for added pinion variety.
  • Kit includes motor mounting system, battery strap system, hardware, full color, fully illustrated installation manual and choice of one pinion

5T/5B Brushless Conversion – Standard Brushless Motors – Choice of Pinion – 5mm – $219.99
5T/5B Brushless Conversion – Castle 1717 Motors – Choice of Pinion – 5mm – $229.99
5T/5B Brushless Conversion – Neu 2200 Series Motors – Choice of Pinion – 5mm – $219.99

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