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JConcepts S2 Body For The Yokomo YZ2

JConcepts S2 Body For The Yokomo YZ2

From JConcepts:

What is the response when a popular new vehicle hits the market? It’s simple; add the most popular and best performing body to date to an already successful platform. Dubbed the S2, the new shell rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance. With 2015 IFMAR Championship credibility backing this design, it’s an easy choice. The S2 is a performer straight out of the package and the Aero rear wing helps deliver results on any racing circuit.

Slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low center of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of front-end force for superior balance and steering. A channeled roof directs the flow through the center of the body while also increasing the rigidity of the cockpit. The dual side-window design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout.

The upper side-pods feature distinct vents used to help relieve hot air build-up inside the body for those high-powered runs or hot days at the track. Carved and detailed side-pods edge the body giving the highly aero unit a stylish look with a tight fit and finish. Cut-lines are included on the body to accommodate 3 and 4 gear lay-down transmission layouts  as well as the “dirt” 3 gear stand-up configuration, giving all out versatility.

Performance validation was delivered by Spencer Rivkin during the IFMAR World Championships in Tsukuba, Japan. The Arizona native won A-mains 2 and 3 to secure his 1st World title driving with the S2 body design. Rivkin remarked about the S2 body – “I felt so comfortable on the Yatabe Arena track with the S2 body. It looks so mean on the track and has exactly the feel I was looking for. The S2 was an advantage for us.”

Roll with the IFMAR World Champion, the S2 by JConcepts.


  • JConcepts original Silencer 2 styling
  • Aggressive, progressive cab design
  • Channeled roof with center stabilizer
  • Useable side-pod vents
  • Compatible with 3 and 4 gear lay-down transmissions and 3 gear stand-up configuration
  • Includes two Aero rear wings
  • Includes JConcepts decal sheet and window mask

S2 – Yokomo YZ2 body w/ Aero wing
Part # – 0320
Retail price – $30.00
Map price – $25.50
(Fits – Yokomo YZ2)

S2 – Yokomo YZ2 body w/ Aero wing – Light-weight
Part # – 0320L
Retail price – $30.00
Map price – $25.50
(Fits – Yokomo YZ2)

JConcepts – Aero Yokomo YZ2 rear wing, 2pc.
Part # – 0170
Retail price – $14.00
Map price – $11.90
(Fits – Yokomo YZ2)
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