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JConcepts Hybrids 1/8 Tires Now Available In Their New Black Compound

JConcepts Hybrids 1/8 Tires Now Available In Their New Black Compound

JConcepts has added a new tire compound to their arsenal. The new Black (Mega Soft) compound is designed for cold or very loose racing conditions, and currently it is only available for their 1/8 Hybrid tires. Check out the press release below for more info:

JConcepts is proud to unveil a new compound specifically for cold or very loose racing conditions. Black, Mega Soft compound has been in development for over 1 year with testing at tracks, facilities and events around the world. This is not a replacement compound but simply a tuning option for drivers looking for extra grip in very cold climates or extremely loose conditions. It’s important to remember, compounds are crucial and to take advantage of a compound it must be utilized on the correct surface.

JConcepts compound and temperature range chart

00 – Yellow (medium feel) – 91 degree and above
01 – Blue (soft feel) – 76-90 degrees
02 – Green (Super Soft feel) – 60-75 degrees
04 – Orange (Groove condition soft) – 80-100 degrees
07 – Black (Mega Soft feel) – 59 degrees and under

Hybrids – black compound – (fits 1/8th buggy wheel)
Part # – 3048-07
Retail price – $29.00
(fits 1/8th buggy wheel)

Hybrids – black compound – (fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire)
Part # – 3045-07
Retail price – $37.00
(fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire)

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Updated: December 12, 2012 — 10:23 AM
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