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JConcepts Aero Front Scoop For The Team Associated B5 And B5M

JConcepts Aero Front Scoop For The Team Associated B5 And B5M

From JConcepts:

Adjustments are key in today’s racing scene and JConcepts has responded to numerous demands with another aero option. With a great deal of success in the early 2000’s, including an IFMAR World Championship to its credit, the front scoop option for a buggy has already shown success. However, this key option part used during the 2005 Worlds has never been made available to the latest generation buggies, until now.

Introducing the Aero front scoop for the Team Associated buggy (flat front arm tower setup), the option part is simple, but, yet an effective way to gain some response in the front-end in high-speed situations. The scoop provides a more neutral feel low-speed and tends to numb out the steering in 180 degree corners while providing great holding power in high-speed sweeping corners typically associated with larger track layouts and conditions. Complete your aero package with JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design.

Fit | Finish –

Cut lines are included for easy trimming while dimples are located on the wing itself to indicate where to mount to the front shock tower. Simply trim the scoop to cut-lines and add the small holes in the dimpled locations. With the shock tower off the car, position the scoop to the back of the front shock tower and line-up the hole locations to the solid and beefier area on the shock tower and mark drilling location. Using a #52 or 1.6mm drill-bit, place a small hole on each side and attach the front scoop using the provide 2x8mm BHCS. For a detailed installation video please see JConcepts on YouTube.


  • Simple, JConcepts design
  • Effective, scoop shape
  • Light-weight and durable design
  • Trim lines and dimpled location for mounting

JConcepts – B5 | B5M Aero front scoop
Part # – 0153
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Team Associated B5 | B5M with flat front arm tower)
Visit JConcepts.net
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JConcepts Aero Front Scoop For The Team Associated B5 And B5M  (3) JConcepts Aero Front Scoop For The Team Associated B5 And B5M  (2)

Updated: April 28, 2016 — 3:06 PM
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