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Hitec Releases 1st Touch Screen Charger

Hitec Releases 1st Touch Screen Charger

The recent trend with battery chargers are to use a touch screen to replace your traditional buttons, knobs, etc. Today Hitec unveils their 1st charger using touch screen technology called the X1 Touch. When traveling no external power supply is needed since you can plug it into the wall and use its internal AC power supply does the rest. It supports 6 different types of common battery packs and has an adjustable charge current rate. Here is the official press release:

Hitec’s charger line continues to expand and impress with the addition of the X1 Touch. Designed with absolute ease and portability in mind, this 55-watt sensation uses an 11 ~ 18VDC power source or an internal AC power supply to provide the versatility all pilots and racers desire. The 3.2-inch high resolution touch screen allows for effortless data monitoring and retrieval. With a built-in internal cell balancer and multiple safety functions, its reliability is rock solid.

Charge, discharge and balance your multi-chemistry batteries with just a touch – an X1 Touch!


  • Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion and Lead Acid Batteries
  • Built-in Power Supply
  • Adjustable Charge Current Rate of 0.1 – 7.0 Amps
  • Internal Balancing Circuit
  • 3.2-Inch High Resolution Touch Screen

X1Touchimage specsa

44177 – $109.99

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:25 PM
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