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Futaba Fleece Jackets

Futaba Fleece Jackets

New from Futaba:Show off Futaba loyalty with style and comfort!

Futaba Fleece Jackets are made of high-quality fleece material to provide warmth without weight. Featuring a Futaba logo on the front left side and a Futaba FASST® logo on the back right shoulder, the jackets are available in black or orange in sizes from XS to 6XL.

FUTZ7250 Black Fleece Jacket XS $36.99
FUTZ7251 Black Fleece Jacket SM $36.99
FUTZ7252 Black Fleece Jacket M $36.99
FUTZ7253 Black Fleece Jacket L $36.99
FUTZ7254 Black Fleece Jacket XL $39.99
FUTZ7255 Black Fleece Jacket XXL $39.99
FUTZ7256 Black Fleece Jacket XXXL $39.99
FUTZ7257 Black Fleece Jacket 4XL $39.99
FUTZ7258 Black Fleece Jacket 5XL $39.99
FUTZ7259 Black Fleece Jacket 6XL $39.99
FUTZ7260 Orange Fleece Jacket XS $36.99
FUTZ7261 Orange Fleece Jacket SM $36.99
FUTZ7262 Orange Fleece Jacket M $36.99
FUTZ7263 Orange Fleece Jacket L $36.99
FUTZ7264 Orange Fleece Jacket XL $39.99
FUTZ7265 Orange Fleece Jacket XXL $39.99
FUTL7266 Orange Fleece Jacket XXXL $39.99
FUTZ7267 Orange Fleece Jacket 4XL $39.99
FUTZ7268 Orange Fleece Jacket 5XL $39.99
FUTZ7269 Orange Fleece Jacket 6XL $39.99

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:18 PM
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