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iPhone for RC

iPhone for RC

This is an official release for a new product RC4WD and iPhly are bringing to market.

Modern phones can do a lot for you. We have our spouses’ birthdays, Internet, and so much more on our phones. Technology is all around us and new ideas come out everyday. This is one that knocks your socks off. RC4WD and iPhly are teaming up to bring out the first ever production radio control unit that allows you to fly a helicopter or drive a radio control car with your iPhone.

Product Specifications:

  • Works with iPhone 1.0.6 (iOS 4.0 tested)
  • Works with Spektrum, Futaba, HiTec, FrySky (Part # Z-E0036), Corona RF modules
  • Require 4 AAA batteries
  • Software available free on iTunes (6.2MB)
  • Software has both airplane/heli and car mode
  • Adjustable steering throw
  • End point adjustment (EPA)
  • Reversible channel
  • Store thousands of models
  • ABC plastic
  • Hardware manufactured by RC4WD

Part number V-IPHLY0001
Product Price $106.95


Software: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iphly/id375272646?mt=8

Product Page: http://store.rc4wd.com/iPhly-for-App…ch_p_1487.html

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:04 PM
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