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New Orion Gear Around the Corner

With the 2012 Shizuoka show in the books, Team Orion launched some new releases in the form of batteries and chargers. From the picture shown you’ll notice two big introductions; the recently released Advantage Touch charger will be offered with various wraps designed by UpGrade-RC, and it looks like Orion is going the ranks of [...]

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2012 Silver State Day One

Every year drivers from all points of the USA and Europe are attracted to the bright shiny lights of Las Vegas to attend the Silver State Nitro Challenge. You can’t blame them; Boulder City RC Raceway is a mere 30min away from the legendary Las Vegas. Racing during the day followed by gambling and partying [...]

Apr 21, 2012 Comments by
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HPI Racing Paired with Team Falken Porsche GT3 RSR

Until recently, there have been little rumors about HPI getting involved with American LeMans Series and the Falken Tires Porsche GT3 RSR race team. Well, those rumors are true and HPI has gone the extra step by making a RC replica of the actual 2012 Porsche GT3 RSR race car. The kit will feature a [...]

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Kyosho MP9 TKI3

The MP9 TKI3 is the culmination of 50 YEARS of experience making the World Finest RC Vehicles – longer than any other RC manufacturer on the planet. The TKI3 is part of a legacy that begins in 1992 when the original Inferno won its first IFMAR World Championship. Fast forward to today, and the MP9 [...]

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Normally when you see race reports in the states you typically don’t see the finals on a Monday, well this is England and yesterday was eastern sunday. On to more important information. Today is the final day for NEO12 and in a few hours time, the final 45min race will begin. Even though drivers have [...]

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NEO12 Day Three

It’s day three of NEO12 and racers are gearing up for the final two rounds of qualifying, dash for cash, and bash for cash. Today’s top favorites are Ty Tessman, Jared Tebo, Ryan Maifield, Jess Robbers, and Ryan Cavalieri. Yesterday a quick mention was made about the track crew possibly flattening out the whoops section [...]

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NEO12 Day Two

Day Two of Neo12 is currently underway. This morning everyone woke up to dark grey clouds with a slight drizzle of rain and reported highs of 54deg. For the most part the weather doesn’t have much effect on the racing because everyone is pitting under the enormous barn that’s protecting them from the elements. The [...]

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NEO 2012 Day One

Day one of Neo12 is all about traction! Where can I get some and can I get any more? Drivers are dealing with a freshly built track and sub 50deg track temps. For many of the USA driver’s, chassis setups for cold indoor tracks are not something that they have to face all too often. [...]

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