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Exotek Black Edition B6 & 22 Direct Spur Hub

Exotek Black Edition B6 & 22 Direct Spur Hub

From Exotek Racing:

Slipper assembly eliminator spur gear mounting hub for all 22 series, B6 sereis, B5 series and B4 series 2wd buggies.

Great for stock class off road classes or oval racing.

Lighter for increased acceleration and cooler running motor and allows the mounting of any standard Kimbrough spur gear for increased gear ratio options.

Only 3.5 grams with the hardware! Not including the spur.

Easy assembly for switching between the Exotek spur gear hub or the stock slipper when conditions call for it.

Includes M3x5 hardware for Kimbrough spurs. For Exotek spurs use M3x6 ALLOY screws (not included) for even greater weight savings.

For use with Kimbrough or Exotek Flite spur gears.

EXOTEK or Kimbrough spur gears required:

#301 66 tooth
#150 69 tooth
#143 72 tooth
#161 73 tooth
#162 74 tooth

#1712 – $14.95 MSRP
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exotek-black-edition-b6-22-direct-spur-hub-2 exotek-black-edition-b6-22-direct-spur-hub-1

Updated: November 17, 2016 — 11:02 AM
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