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Epic Foam Car Stands

Epic Foam Car Stands

New from Epic:

Due to popular demand we are reintroducing our black foam car stands & bumpers. Available in standard styles and our new “X” rated Bada Bing styles!

TEP6000, Touring Bada Bing Foam Car Stand, (1/10th),
TEP6001, Oval Bada Bing Foam Car Stand (1/10th)
TEP6002, Touring Skull & Flames Foam Car Stand, (1/10th)
TEP6003, On-road Bada Bing Foam Car Stand (1/12th)
TEP6004, Oval Bada Bing Foam Car Stand (1/12th)
TEP6005, On-Road Skull & Flames Foam Car Stand, (1/12th)
TEP6010, X-Ray Touring Style Generic Foam Car Stand, (1/0th)
TEP6030, 1/10th Foam Oval Bumper .5” Thick
TEP6031, 1/12th Foam Oval Bumper .5” Thick


TEP6000-6010, $12.99 msrp
TEP6030, $5.99 msrp
TEP6031,$4.99 msrp

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Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:18 PM
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