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Epic D3 Brushless Motors

Epic D3 Brushless Motors

New from Epic:

The “D3” (Duo3) is a new pro racing motor designed for 2 & 4wd, 1/12th & 1/10th on-road, oval and off-road. New stronger gauss neo magnet rotor for more low end torque. New stator with higher temperature wire and a faster
switching sensor board design. Fully adjustable timing. Heavy duty low drag ball bearings. 1-4 cell Li-Po use with correct gearing.

TEP1061, 4 Turn, 10,000Kv
TEP1062, 4.5 Turn, 9,200Kv
TEP1063, 5 Turn, 8,200Kv
TEP1064, 5.5 Turn, 7,700Kv
TEP1065, 6 Turn, 7,150Kv
TEP1066, 6.5 Turn, 6,600Kv
TEP1067, 7 Turn, 6,375Kv
TEP1068, 7.5 Turn, 6,100Kv
TEP1050, 10.5 Turn, 4,300Kv
TEP1051, 13.5 Turn, 3,600Kv
TEP1053, 17.5 Turn, 2,300Kv
TEP1055, 21.5 Turn, Crawler 2,000Kv
TEP1056, 25.5 Turn, Crawler 1,800Kv

MSRP: TEP1061 to TEP1068 $129.99, TEP1050 TEP1056 $119.99

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action
Updated: January 12, 2011 — 12:16 PM
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