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Taking stock of a night of stock racing

Last night’s club race at SDRC in San Diego, CA was one of the most frantic and fun nights at the track that I’ve had in a long time. Admittedly, I don’t get down there as often as I’d like and although I try to race at least a few times a month it’s can [...]

Jun 13, 2013 Comments
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The excitement of RCX

The 2013 RCX show, AirAge Media’s eleventh annual, was a first for me personally. While I’ve attended all but a couple of years in the show’s existence I had yet to experience what the ultimate RC expo would look like as a member of the RC Car Action staff, and it was quite the adventure! [...]

Jun 07, 2013 Comments
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Nice mods, dude!

When I saw this car pulling out of a driveway while crossing town on my way home from a photo shoot, I stopped laughing just long enough to snap this photo while parked at the stoplight (which still would’ve been enough to earn me a ticket for using my phone). I’m not sure the driver [...]

May 30, 2013 Comments
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Contact! How much is too much?

Earlier this month at the MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain, Repsol Honda veteran Dani Pedrosa rode off into the sunset for the win while the battle for second got ugly. A last lap duel between the reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) and Pedrosa’s rookie teammate Marc Marquez ended with the rising star [...]

May 24, 2013 Comments
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Location, location, location

RC tracks across the country are located in about as many diverse places as you can imagine, from the lobby of four-star hotels like those that host the IIC in Las Vegas and the Snowbird Nationals in Florida, to empty lots and even junkyards (Western R/C, where the Silver State Nitro Challenge was held for [...]

May 16, 2013 Comments
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The most accessible pros in motorsports

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about taking go-kart racing against some friends a bit too seriously while on a vacation (read “Competitive Much?”) to go watch my favorite baseball team play a few spring training games. For diehard baseball fans, the smaller parks and relative accessibility of even the sport’s most popular [...]

May 07, 2013 Comments
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Competitive much?

Last weekend I did the unthinkable: I took a mini vacation. Friday afternoon I picked up a gas-sipping rental car, loaded my bag, picked up my girlfriend and her 12 bags that I’m convinced contained every last item of her personal belongings, and set off for the sunny desert of Arizona to catch the last [...]

Mar 29, 2013 Comments
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Spring Cleaning

I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Actually, I couldn’t stand at all. Seven and a half months of near-weekly visits from delivery trucks dropping off the products you see strewn about the pages of RC Car Action had taken its toll, and after finally running out of walking space in the spare bedroom I’ve designated [...]

Mar 15, 2013 Comments
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