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Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel System

Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel System

















New Mandrel Design Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Gone are the days of replacing rotary tool mandrel screws and searching for a screwdriver. Here are the days for quick, effortless accessory changes . From crafts and hobbies to woodworking and DIY projects, the new Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel System allows rotary tool users to focus on the project at hand with time to spare.

The Dremel EZ Lock makes accessory changes as easy as pull, twist and release. The one-piece mandrel design eliminates the need for the screw and a screwdriver, simplifying the process of changing cutting wheels and making it easy to quickly cut through a range of materials from metal to plastic. With effortless locking and loading of reinforced fiberglass cut-off wheels, users are no longer faced with losing the tiny mandrel screw. The EZ Lock offers a convenient, more robust accessory system, enabling users to get the job at hand done faster.

“We want the Dremel tool system to be convenient not tricky – for our users,”said Andrea Ash, Dremel director of marketing communications. “ith the Dremel EZ Lock, changing cut-off wheels is quick and efficient, making it a dream to work with Dremel rotary tools.”/FONT>

Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools, including the recently released Dremel Stylus, the EZ Lock Mandrel System is designed for reinforced cut-off wheels – Dremel’ most popular accessory. The EZ Lock cut-off wheels last twice as long as Dremel’s current fiberglass-reinforced cut-off wheels.

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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 8:17 PM
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