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Trevor "Chilly" Duncan
Trevor "Chilly" Duncan (3719)Bringing you RC product news you can use on a daily basis as Car Action's Online News Editor. I have been heavily involved in RC since the late 90's, plus a diverse background that includes print and broadcast journalism, engineering, information technology, direct marketing, and even banking. Currently I enjoy racing 1/10 electric off-road, covering large race events, and spending time with my family when away from the track.
Peter Vieira
Peter Vieira (742)I've been involved in RC for over 25 years, and first joined Air Age Media in 1997. I served as Executive Editor until 2008, when I went to work on the manufacturing side of the RC biz. Now back at RC Car Action, I'm thrilled to be doing what I love most--not just enjoying RC, but sharing it with all of you. In addition to RC, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife Kathleen and our wonderful daughter Audrey.
Kevin Hetmanski
Kevin Hetmanski (320)Simply put, I’m all about nitro. Well, almost. I’m down with electric for crawlers and some indoor racing, but if you really want to get my attention, it better make some smoke and noise. I’m a regular racer and I usually go with 1/8-scale buggy and truggy. When I’m not racing, I am usually fabricating custom parts and even entire vehicles.
Aaron Waldron
Aaron Waldron (220)Associate Editor
Since receiving my first hobby-grade RC car as a holiday present from my father nearly 20 years ago, I've been fortunate enough to meet more people and experience more opportunities through the adventures I've had in the RC industry than I would've ever imagined. I've done it all - from working at a hobby shop, to being a factory sponsored racer, to working for some of the biggest brands in the industry. I've enjoyed each and every one of the dozens of kits I've built, hundreds of events I've attended, and thousands of laps that I've logged at race tracks around the world, and my passion is to share those experiences with other hobbyists so that they may find fulfillment in their own RC careers.
Joe Arthur
Joe Arthur (190)Joe Arthur is Air Age Media's multimedia guru. In addition to the weekly production of The Radio Control Show, his credits also include the Aerobatics Made Easy and Advanced Aerobatics Made Easy DVDs, countless action, how-to, and on-site coverage videos, the Flight Journal podcast with Budd Davisson, and photography for all of Air Age Media's radio control and diecast magazines. Joe also has experience in Flash programming, motion graphics, web design, and advanced photo retouching.
Carl Hyndman
Carl Hyndman (162)RC is in my blood, flowing down in to my fingertips and straight in to those high tech pistol grip controllers. I dream about it when I sleep and love the thrill of competitive racing with close friends that have become part of my extended family. There’s really nothing like it and it’s been part of my DNA for over 15 years. My hands are calloused from the many kits I’ve built over the years, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Put the hand lotion away, my mitts are my badge of honor. Luckily I’m in a position to share some of that passion with the readers of RC Car Action. Over time you may notice that I’m a bit right-brained and my work comes out in my words and images that I take a great deal of pride in. Think I have the best job? I think so.
Stephen Bess
Stephen Bess (88)Executive Editor
I jumped into R/C back in 1987, when mechanical speed controllers and hard rubber tires were all the rage. Since then, I’ve experienced R/C in almost every state in the USA. I've built and raced every type of RC vehicle created, and traveled throughout the country (and world) to attend and cover more R/C events than I can remember. But what a fun ride it's been! I'm fortunate to live in Southern California, and I take advantage of my location by enjoying R/C outdoors year ‘round. Club racing is the future for R/C growth, and I’m always looking to bring new people into the hobby, whether it’s through backyard bashing or organized racing.
Joel Navarro
Joel Navarro (72)Joel Navarro fell in love with RC since the age of 11 with the Tamiya Grasshopper being his first RC car. Little did he know that the his favorite RC magazine back in 1987, RC Car Action, would be the magazine he works for now. Joel received his AA in photography and in addition to being a West Coast Editor for RC Car Action magazine, he is a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the Southern California and San Diego area. During the winter, Joel is also a snowboard instructor in Big Bear, Ca. Joel is active in the RC community and regularly races all over the SoCal area. His home tracks are SDRC Raceway, West Coast RC Raceway, OCRC Raceway, and parking lot racing in San Diego.
John Cary
John Cary (62)I've raced just about every type of RC car, traveled the world shooting RC races, but at the end of the day though, you'll most likely find me behind the wheel of a 1/8-scale nitro buggy at my local track. I'm a Southern California native, which on any given day allows me the opportunity to race on just about any surface or facility of my choosing. Before I was heavily into RC most of my attention was focused towards photography. Since, all of the experience that I've gained and learned has been projected towards RC photography. I'm fueled by the idea of creating something new every time I head to take pictures. Whether it's portraits, racing action, or a track panoramas.
Brent Fiege
Brent Fiege (57)I started racing RC cars in the mid 90¹s and quickly developed a passion for the hobby. After a lengthy hiatus, nitro off-road racing got the best of me and I don¹t see myself taking another break anytime soon. I enjoy being behind my camera at races almost as much as being behind the wheel. When I'm not racing or writing about RC I stay very active playing hockey, soccer, biking, traveling as much as possible and of course, shooting tons of photos.
Matt Boyd
Matt Boyd (46)I first joined Air Age back in 2000 as a junior editor with several of the RC titles before shifting focus to help create Die Cast X Magazine -- of which I serve as Executive Editor. I love returning to my RC roots and contributing to RC Car Action whenever I can. When I'm not working on stories for DCX or RCCA I can often be found at the race track or the autocross course running my full-scale car!
Tom Ross
Tom Ross (26)I got my first RC car way back in 1985 - a Tamiya Wild One - and have been involved in the hobby ever since. I've made every mistake in the book and loved every minute of it... Well, except for that one nitro engine I could never get to run properly. I've bought and sold more vehicles than I care to count, from cars and trucks to planes, helicopters, boats, and more. I'm a dedicated basher, certified bench racer, and collector of random tools. My very favorite part of the hobby is fixing things I've broken.
Michael Wortel
Michael Wortel (7)I have been an RC hobbyist since the mid 90’s, and I have been working on the editorial side of the industry for nearly ten years now. There have been times when I have stepped away from RC for a bit, but I have always come back. In fact, RC is the only thing in my life that never completely goes away. I love watching for new trends and looking out for new takes on old favorites. I am perfectly satisfied that RC isn’t main stream. In fact, I prefer it that way. Not everyone can do what we do, and I would rather be a part of something exclusive than something “popular.”
Eric Schutt
Eric Schutt (6)I've been into R/C since I was 12 years old when I was able to save up enough for a used Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle; I've been hooked ever since. Currently, my garage is filled with electric & nitro airplanes,electric & nitro trucks and buggies, and even some boats…but my true passion is racing onroad. Maybe it's my background in karting combined with the competitive spirit of mountain biking, but I really enjoy the balance of tuning and precision driving that makes for close racing.
Ryan Maifield
Ryan Maifield (2)A native of Arizona, Ryan Maifield is a professional RC racer with numerous ROAR national championships to his credit. He is primarily sponsored by Team Associated, but is also sponsored by Reedy, LRP, JConcepts and others. Ryan got started in racing dirt oval and even on-road with his father, but quickly moved onto other forms of RC. Ryan has also made the top three at many IFMAR world championships
Drew Trudeau
Drew Trudeau (2)My love of radio control goes back to the early 80s. Since the days when my older brother tore it up with his Tamiya Hornet and I was chasing behind with my Radioshack Lobo. I was hooked on RC from day one. My first "official" RC ride was the Tamiya Blackfoot and I will never forget the feeling of elation, pride and passion upon completing that first kit. I have been a hardcore basher for almost 30 years but after all those years I finally discovered a racetrack and now I only love it just as much!
Sean Earnest
Sean Earnest (1)I have enjoyed RC Car building and racing since I was a small child; with many memories of building kits with my dad. Photography is another hobby of mine that I now enjoy working with. I get a feel for the track having raced numerous styles and scales of cars in the past. I'm a lifelong resident of Yucaipa California where I live with my 3 year old daughter Taylor. This is the first magazine I've ever contributed for and I look forward to many enjoyable years of capturing these racing moments for your viewing pleasure.
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