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10 Buggies That Shaped Electric Off-Road Racing

10 Buggies That Shaped Electric Off-Road Racing

If there’s one type of vehicle that is the quintessential “RC car,” it’s the electric buggy. Since the boom years of the ’80s that truly put hobby-class RC on the map, the familiar open-wheel-knobby-tire-big-wing look has been the most enduring image for radio-control cars in general and particularly on the track. For as long as […]
Short-Course Body Guide

Short-Course Body Guide

If your short-course machine is looking ragged, there’s no better fix than a fresh body to restore that new-truck look—or transform your ride into a scale truck, desert runner, or even a vintage muscle car. For a look at all the options as featured in last Summer’s Short Course Special, just hit the link—you’re sure […]

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