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Light Bright   [TECH CENTER]

Light Bright [TECH CENTER]

I want to trick out my trail truck with LED lights, but I’m wondering how they’ll affect battery life. What’s the range of power consumption for LED lighting kits?   The amp draw for 1/10-scale LED light kits is so low that most don’t even list a power-consumption fi gure. The actual power used will […]
Tips for First-time Builders

Tips for First-time Builders

So, you’re taking the kit plunge and building a car yourself. Good move! You’ll know it inside and out when you’re finished, and you can be proud that you did all the wrenching. Plus, it’s just plain fun to build your own stuff! These tips will help your first build go smoothly.   Choose an […]

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Traxxas T-Maxx 600x120

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Camera:   DCS660C
Serial #: K660C-00802
Width:    3040
Height:   2008
Date:  3/24/03
Time:   10:22:12
DCS6XX Image
FW Ver:   3.2.3
TIFF Image
Look:   Product
Sharpening Requested: Yes
Counter:    [1811]
Shutter:  1/30
Aperture:  f22
ISO Speed:  100
Max Aperture:  f3.5
Min Aperture:  f29
Focal Length:  48
Exposure Mode:  Manual (M)
Meter Mode:  Spot
Drive Mode:  Single
Focus Mode:  Single (AF-S)
Focus Point:  Center
Flash Mode:  Normal Sync
Compensation:  +0.0
Flash Compensation:  +0.0
Self Timer Time:  10s
White balance: Auto
Time: 10:22:12.563

Basic Lexan Body Painting

So, you decided to get into RC, and you’ve been having a blast ever since. And your machine’s thrashed-out body has the battle scars to prove it. It’s time for a new look! Instead of reaching for another original-equipment body, why not go for a new look with an aftermarket shell and your own unique […]
The tip of a hobby knife will help place small stickers.

How To Apply Decals

Whether you’ve whipped up an elaborate multicolor paint scheme or went with a simple one-color job, decals will dress up any shell and add that finishing touch. Applying decals isn’t hard work, but it’s often a little more complicated than just slapping stickers on the shell. Complex curves on the body, large stickers and even […]

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Off-road or on-road?

Selecting Your First Car

One of the best things about RC is the incredible variety of vehicles there is to choose from. But how do you pick the one car or truck for you out of so many great choices? All you have to do is ask yourself …   The big three questions When selecting that first car […]
Radio Terms Glossary

Radio Terms Glossary

Adjustable trim rate. If you’ve ever wished you could set how much servo movement you get with each “click” of trim, this is the function you want. By adjusting the trim rate, you can set the percentage of travel each click of trim represents. Anti-lock brakes (ABS). The ABS function is invaluable when racing on […]

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This Associated B4’s transmission has been opened to reveal its internal gears.

Drivetrains & Driveshafts

RC cars use a variety of drivetrain designs to turn motor or engine power into motion, and each has its advantages and disadvantages that make them suited to particular applications. In this section, we’ll discuss various types of drivetrains, explain the lingo and give you all the info you need to know about the gears, […]
Understanding Differentials

Understanding Differentials

Unless you have a drag car, your RC machine has a differential—maybe even two or three.  Even though nearly every car has at least one, and differentials are critical to a car’s handling, they are often misunderstood. What does a diff do? How does it work? Which type is best? We have the answers.   […]

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Lexan Body Trimming & Mounting

You’ve got your new body freshly painted and ready to go. Well, not really—you have to trim and mount that flashy new shell, and then you’ll be off and running. Like painting and decaling, trimming and mounting is easy—if you follow these basic tips.   Tools Body scissors Hobby knife Body reamer Lamp Nail polish […]
Place a drop of glue where the tire and rim join.

How To Glue Tires the Right Way

There’s an old saying in racing: “To finish first, you must first finish.” There are many reasons why unfortunate souls go home each weekend with the dreaded DNF instead of the hardware, but one common gremlin, especially when racing off-road, is the old wobbly tire. Inevitably, it’s always a rear tire that has come unglued […]

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How to Rebuild Shocks

How to Rebuild Shocks

Few components work as hard on an off-road vehicle as the shocks. Whether they’re countering cornering loads, softening bump forces, or soaking up jump landings, the shocks are always pumping away. That’s why it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape with fresh seals and fluid. Rebuilding them is easy and will give your car […]
The Basics of Radio Control

The Basics of Radio Control

All RC systems have the same essential components: a transmitter, a receiver and servos. These parts are sold as assembled, plug-in components; you don’t have to solder anything or know about wiring schematics to install or use them. Transmitter This is the radio of “radio control” and is often simply referred to as the radio. […]
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