Pro Talk Brian Kinwald

THIS MONTH WE TALK TO RACING LEGEND BRIAN KINWALD. Kinwald has been racing longer than he likes to admit. He has won countless national championships and multiple world titles, and he was one of the first drivers ever to get paid enough that he officially lived off RC racing. In this installment of Pro Talk, [...]

Aug 03, 2009 Comments
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Last Lap – Desert Inspired Vehicles

Here is just a small sample of the many desert inspired vechicles from our readers.

Jun 08, 2009 Comments
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The Radio Control Show

The only weekly RC web broadcast show, The Radio Control Show features the most up-to-date news on RC products and events. Insider tips from the editors, action video and step by step how-to’s provide viewers with the information they need for guaranteed success on the track and in the dirt. Presented in a completely updated [...]

May 29, 2009 Comments
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Schumacher CAT SX Bonus Photos

The Schumacher CAT is one of the most famous names in RC and has a long history in racing. Check out these awesome photos of the CAT in the studio and on the track.

Apr 20, 2009 Comments
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HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux

The HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux is identical to the original E-Firestorm—with one big exception. The new Flux version includes HPI’s Motiv brushless speed control and the Warp 5700 brushless motor. The motor is sensorless and features a 540-size can, high-quality ball bearings and external tabs for easy wiring. The Motiv speed control features LiPo cutoff, [...]

Mar 18, 2009 Comments
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Castle Creations 9000KV Motor

The new 9000kV motor from Castle Creations is their fastest yet, and we were psyched to get our hands on one of the first ones. I could have used a number of vehicles to test this bad boy, but I chose a 4WD touring car to get the highest top speed number possible. Follow along [...]

Feb 26, 2009 Comments
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Event Sponsor Coverage

                  MEET THE TEAM Jason Sams New Media Editor Joe Arthur Video Producer Watch for daily updates from Jason and Joe live on location at the 2009 National Race Championships. They’ll bring you dynamic daily coverage of all the action, don’t miss it. The Winners!1) Atsushi Hara Hot Bodies/O.S./Futaba/Pro-Line Revolver [...]

Feb 25, 2009 Comments
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Custom Electric Jato

  Ever since the Jato was released in 2005, Traxxas fans have been clamoring for an electric version. The first test of the truck in the June 2005 issue of RC Car Action included an interview with Traxxas’ Steve Slayden who stated, “I think it would be great to do an electric Jato.” It has [...]

Sep 30, 2008 Comments
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