The Radio Control Show [Episode 184]

RCCA: Check out this week’s episode of The Radio Control Show where we take a close look at HPI’s new Trophy Truggy Flux, take a tour at HiTec’s facility, check out laser printing technology, and much more. Don’t miss it! Watch the full episode in the player below:

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Nov 06, 2012 Comments
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The Blackfoot Rocks [Retro Article '87]

by Chris Chianelli As you can see from the photos, there are a number of beauties pictured here that were all born to rock and roll! But the rock and roll machine we’re going to focus on for the time being is the MRC/Tamiya* Blackfoot. So, monster maniacs, listen up! I’m sure we all agree that R/C “terra-terrorizing,” in a!l its [...]

Nov 05, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Stable Revs [December]

I cut out a foam wedge that I put under my throttle trigger for nitro car.  This lets me keep the car at revs that are above idle but low enough to not engage the clutch.  This allows me to put my car on the track and get up to the drivers’ stand without the [...]

Oct 18, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: EZ Wash [November]

EZ Wash: Washing off-road tires can be difficult and messy.  To help make it easier, I glued a scrubbing brush to the bottom of a plastic container.  I can fill it up with water and cleaning solution and scrub my tires without making a mess in my kitchen sink. Andy Pruhenski – Oil City, PA

Sep 21, 2012 Comments
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Grave Digger Duo!

Traxxas Son-Uva Digger and Grave Digger 30th anniversary or Over a year now, Traxxas has been releasing licensed replicas of the Monster Jam monster trucks. While they’re essentially the same underneath their scale bodies, monster truck fans swarm to each new release to keep their field of mini monsters complete. The newest editions to the [...]

Sep 19, 2012 Comments
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3D Helicopter Action at Horizon Air Meet

If you wanted 3D Helicopter action, then the US Air Meet was the place to see it. 23 year old James Haley was part of the flightline demo team and he really delivered. James is a well-respected and a member of the Blade helicopter team with Horizon Hobby where he has been the lead product [...]

Sep 11, 2012 Comments
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RB Innovations New Products For The Losi 5IVE

These center differential towers are stronger and much easier to disassemble for maintenance. These are split in the center so no more flipping the truck to get to the bottom screws to remove the center differential. Remove 4 screws from the top and the whole differential come out. Very Easy!! These will work with the [...]

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