2015 ROAR EP Off-Road Nationals: Plenty of Things to See

The ROAR Nationals is a serious event for drivers and manufacturers, and it’s common to see new and innovative technology either being introduced or tested in prototype form. However, these items aren’t always for the general public, so information is often only speculative at best. Here’s a taste of some of the things at the [...]

Aug 07, 2015 Comments
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2015 ROAR EP Off-Road Nationals: Things Get Going with a Challenging Track

The 2015 ROAR Nationals is under way and hosted by SRS Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. This premiere track has already gained a reputation for some of the most unusual high-bite traction for dirt/clay anywhere. Experienced by drivers at the Cactus Classic, this fairly new facility is part of the Hobbytown USA franchise and spares no [...]

Aug 07, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus 4amp iD Charger [REVIEW]

As a reader of RC Car Action, you probably have no problem charging batteries. You have a NiMH charger and a LiPo charger, or one charger that can do both. You make sure to plug in the balance connector on your LiPos, and choose the right mode for safe charging. Now imagine if you didn’t [...]

Aug 05, 2015 Comments
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Reedy Outdoor Champs Restores ‘Real Dirt’ to Off-Road—Should This Be The Standard?

The just-announced Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Race of Champions (November 20-22, Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA) promises “a watered track surface [that] brings back major off-road racing as it began with roost and pin tires.” This is a reaction to the current state of electric off-road racing, which is ruled by high bite tracks with [...]

Aug 03, 2015 Comments
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Maxxed out Traxxas T-Maxx by Rob DeLeon [Reader's Ride]

This Traxxas T-Maxx started life like any other, but Rob DeLeon (of Bakersfield, CA) soon lost control of his investment. Nearly $3,000 later he has the truck you see before you: the Supermaxx—which he has now owned for 15 years and he has been upgrading it fairly continuously all along. It has an Unlimited Engineering [...]

Jul 29, 2015 Comments
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2015 RC Car Action Readers’ Choice Awards

Did you vote for your favorite gear in our Readers’ Choice Awards? There’s 18 categories in all, ranging from cars and trucks to engines and speed controls—anything you can drop your hard-earned money on, you’ll find here with the top pick as chosen by your fellow readers Click to enlarge  

Jul 20, 2015 Comments
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Serpent Viper 977-EVO: The Newest 1/8-Scale Nitro Asphalt Killer

Serpent has been a respected manufacturer in the racing scene for a long time and when they announce a new car, people take notice. Long considered the F1 of racing, 1/8-scale on-road nitro cars require a level of commitment few have the experience or dedication to do, but when participants demand the best and fractions [...]

Jul 14, 2015 Comments
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Team Orion Vortex dDrive: The End of Speed Controls? [VIDEO]

Motor, battery, speed control. Those three items are what make up an electric power system. Or they used to, at least; Orion’s new Vortex dDrive system integrates throttle circuitry directly into the motor, eliminating a separate speed control. The motor plugs directly into the receiver and battery, and gets its own power switch with setup [...]

Jul 13, 2015 Comments
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