TLR’s Ryan Maifield Wins the 2015 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions

He’s always been one of the favorites, but TLR’s Ryan Maifield finally got his Reedy Race of Champions win. Held at OC/RC Raceway in Huntington Beach, California, the 21st running of the event has seen a small legendary group of winners over the years and now Maifield is one of them. Having come up short [...]

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The Sauce Situation: Do We Need Tighter Rules For Traction Compounds?

If you race, you’ve probably been aware of a pretty serious issue going on. It’s dangerous, often smells terrible and can leave you with headaches, foul clothing or even worse. I’m talking about tire sauce. The origins of the use of tire sauce were probably first introduced in on-road and used on rubber and foam [...]

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Carson Wernimont Switches to Associated, Reedy and Pro-Line

In another big move among factory drivers, 2014 IFMAR 1:8 World Championship podium finisher Carson Wernimont will be representing Team Associated, Reedy and Pro-Line when he races. The former Mugen/ Schumacher/ AKA driver will be running both electric 1:10 and nitro 1:8 vehicles and will be running the company’s line of off-road vehicles including the [...]

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What’s Next For RC? Our Predictions for 2015

What’s in store for RC in the year ahead? It’s anyone’s guess, but if you want to know what we’re guessing, this is the place. From the hot and happening to the fizzled and fading, we reveal our predictions for what the next twelve months hold in store. Are we on target or off base? [...]

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Where’s the dirt? IFMAR rolls out artificial turf for Off-Road Worlds.

In ‘Merica we like our Hot Dogs, Baseball, and Apple Pie. Mess with it and you’ll get an earful. You just don’t change a good thing. That seems to be a lot of the sentiment surrounding IFMAR’s decision to allow astroturf for the surface at the upcoming 2015 Electric Off-road Worlds at Yatabe Arena in [...]

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WATCH: Traxxas E-Revo Pulverizes Watermelon In Slo-Mo

The title says it all, really. Is there any way you’re NOT going to click on this? You probably already clicked on it.

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Back Flips, Front Flips, and Combos With the Traxxas Stunt Team

Nothing draws a crowd like a Traxxas stunt demo. When you see the Traxxas team in action at a the RCX show, TORC, NHRA or any of the other events Traxxas attends, you’ll see E-Revos, Slash 4X4s, Stampede 4X4s and other favorites airing out and performing mid-air acrobatics that would make Travis Pastrana proud. Many [...]

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Is Stock Racing Too Expensive?

Venture to any RC track and it’s obvious that the stock classes have been the lifeblood of electric off-road racing. It usually has the most participation with its own rules and subculture. It’s so popular that an entire industry has been developed around it with products designed specifically for the class. In the early days [...]

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