RC Car Action No. 1: The Magazine That Started It All

As 1985 drew to a close, a new magazine appeared on newsstands everywhere: Radio Control Car Action. Dated “Winter 1986″ and aptly dubbed “The World’s Premier R/C Car Magazine,” RCCA issue number one featured the then-new Tamiya Bruiser, Futaba’s iconic Magnum Senior pistol-grip transmitter, and some kid (who is now about 40) getting way too [...]

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Kev’s Bench: All Scale Trucks Are The Same But Completely Different

With the release of the Venture RC Toyota FJ there has been a lot of talk about how this company copied that company and so on and I’m here to put that talk to rest. Sure all the scale trucks that are currently available are the same; they have chassis rails, axles, scale bodies, battery [...]

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IFMAR World Champion Bruno Coelho Signs with HOBBYWING

Current IFMAR 4WD World Champion Bruno Coelho has been shaking up the racing scene lately by winning some of the most prestigious events in both on and off-road disciplines. In a big move, HOBBYWING have announced the signing of this formidable Portuguese driver through 2018. His vehicles will be outfitted with the latest HOBBYWING products [...]

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JConcepts Introduces Wide and Narrow Aero Front Wing for the TLR 22 3.0

Front wings are all the rage for racers looking to tune their electric buggies and JConcepts team drivers were seen using them at the recent Reedy Race. Now those same front wings are available to the public. Available in both narrow and wide versions, the “Aero” wing is specifically designed for use on the TLR [...]

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Tamiya’s DT-03 Gets a New Look as the Racing Fighter

Tamiya is known for bringing creative designs at a budget-friendly price tag to RC enthusiasts everywhere and with the release of their new Racing Fighter based on the DT-03 platform, the company is poised to continue that reputation. With durability and ease-of-use features, this buggy is a great first time vehicle for those looking to [...]

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Pro Boat RTR Recoil 26-inch Self-Righting Brushless Deep-V [VIDEO]

From Pro Boat: Push the limit of RC boating to the edge with the Pro Boat® Recoil® 26 Deep-V. This dynamic competitor delivers mayhem inducing momentum thanks to a 2100Kv brushless motor and 3S compatible 60-AMP ESC for 30+ MPH of wake-inducing excitement. Best of all, you can drive with the Recoil 26 with reckless [...]

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HPI And Kraken Get Together And Give You The TSK-b Class 1 And Sidewinder X5

HPI and Kraken have partnered to bring these two awesome desert buggies to the market. The TSK-b Class 1 and Sidewinder X5 buggies feature attractive scale bodies and functional roll cages that protect the internals and look good while doing it. Under those bodies is a Baja 5B and that comes out of the box [...]

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The Reedy Race Heritage [VIDEO]

There’s a lot of history and prestige surrounding the Reedy Race and this video highlights a lot of the great moments and memories. It was Mike Reedy’s brainchild and the race continues in his namesake.  Check it out.

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