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8 Easy Steps For Perfect Paint

For every RC car body that gets the a multi-color, carefully masked custom paint job, there are probably 100 that just get a one-color quickie. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not as simple as just pointing a spray can at the Lexan and pressing the button. Bodies aren’t cheap, and we’re sure you want [...]

Sep 29, 2014 Comments by
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Learn from the Pro’s: TLR’s Adam Drake on building perfect shocks

Properly building your shocks the right way can take some practice. Not only is each step elaborate and full of experience-cultivated nuances, but building shocks correctly is also critical to performance. It can take a lifetime to hone the shock-building process, but thanks to TLR’s Adam Drake, we are now leaking some of the best [...]

Apr 11, 2014 Comments by
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New Video – Glue Tires Like A Pro

If you’re about to glue your first set of tires, check out these tips before you begin. Here’s a few tips to make sure those new tires stay on the rim and keep you in the front of the competition. Want to see more? Check out our YouTube Channel each week for a new tech [...]

Mar 31, 2014 Comments by
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Tech Tip of the Week – Cutting Out Perfect Wheel Wells

Ever go to mount your body and mess up the cutting out the wheels? In this week’s Tech Tip of the Week, we show you how to cut perfect wheel wells and contours on your touring car and GT body like the pros do. Want to see more? Check out our YouTube Channel each week [...]

Mar 21, 2014 Comments by
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Team Associated engineer Josh Alton teaches roll-center tuning

Roll center. You’ve likely heard the term thrown around by your buddies when bench racing, but do you (or they) really understand what it means? Did you know that it doesn’t just affect a single wheel, but also each end of the car, both independently and linked, from the front-to-rear? And just how do you [...]

Mar 14, 2014 Comments by
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Turning Heads! Easy driver-figure animation

Kyosho’s Rage VE features a molded-in driver figure with a separate helmet that’s ripe for head-turning action. All it takes is a spare servo and a little mechanical creativity. In the case of the Rage, the headrest proved to be perfectly sized for a micro servo, and a collection of hardware and linkages from the [...]

Oct 19, 2013 Comments by
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How To Remove Tires and Re-Use Rims

No one likes to throw away perfectly good stuff, especially when it’s RC parts. But when it comes to worn-out tires, they usually hit the trash bin glued to perfectly good rims. The glue that allows the tires to stay stuck despite jumps, bumps, cornering forces and centrifugal force also makes them darn near impossible [...]

Sep 13, 2013 Comments
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