Rock Crawling

Tekin Wins At Motorama Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge

Tekin driver Arthur Bell filed the following race report from the Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge at Motorama. “Next up was 1.9 Pro, this time only the top 5 were advancing and I was ready as I drove my first course my goal was only to complete it, it was a tough course but I finished [...]

Mar 02, 2011 Comments
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Losi RTR 1/24 Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker

Want a scale-looking truck that can handle any terrain? The 1/24 Micro 4×4 Trail Trekker RTR from Losi is the vehicle for you. The 4×4 Trail Trekker features an articulating suspension that can handle challenging obstacles like the LOSB1622 Micro Terrain Mountain. The Micro 4×4 Trail Trekker features a longer wheel base and revised suspension [...]

Feb 17, 2011 Comments
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Axial November Releases

New from Axial: RTR Steering Upgrade Kit Replaces stock plastic steering links included on the Axial AX10 RTR’s and SCX10 RTR’s. This kit will increase steering strength and precision. Includes machined aluminum steering links. AX30426 Steering Upgrade Kit $20.00 14x70mm Springs New spring rates. Ideal for the AX90017 – XR10. Fits all Axial 72-103mm shock [...]

Nov 17, 2010 Comments
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Novak Goat 2S 21.5t Crawler Brushless System

New from Novak: The new Goat 2S Crawler Brushless System is now available in 21.5T! The system includes the Goat 2S Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC (#3219), which has a Fully-Programmable Interface using Novak’s easy One-Touch button and four LEDs. The following parameters can be adjusted in all four adjustable driving profiles: Dead Band, Minimum Drive, and [...]

Nov 10, 2010 Comments
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Losi Gear: Ultra Digits 1/8 Tires, Comp Crawler and Mini Sprint Upgrades

New from Losi: 1/8 Ultra Digits G2 Buggy Tires Losi’s 1/8 Ultra Digits G2 Buggy Tires feature a Multi-level clustered pin design that has the pins grouped very closely providing incredible traction on hard packed tracks. The closeness of the pins enable the tire to have minimal lug flex which provides superior grip. The tall [...]

Nov 01, 2010 Comments
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Novak M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC (Updated)

New from Novak: After much fine-tuning, Novak is proud to release the brand new M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC (#1846). This patent-pending, new controller combines 6 adjustable parameters with its revolutionary performance including a separated drag brake and dig function. With only the addition of two brushed crawler motors, the M2 Dig controls both [...]

Oct 29, 2010 Comments
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RC4WD Interco Super Swamper TSL/Bogger Tires

New from RC4WD: RC4WD is pleased to announce the all new Officially Licensed Interco Super Swamper TSL/Bogger.This new Interco tire is the tallest in its class. Topping out at an amazing 4.7″. It lives up to its true scale counterpart. RC4WD is proud to work with Interco to bring this and other tires to the [...]

Oct 28, 2010 Comments
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RC’s Biggest Trends

What’s hot and what’s not By Matt Higgins Trends come and go. It’s true in the mainstream world and just as true in RC. Some categories in our hobby have stood the proverbial test of time and transcended the “trend” designation. Two prime examples are monster trucks and 1/8-scale off-road racing. They might rise and [...]

Oct 09, 2010 Comments
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