Rock Crawling


RC4WD has been at the forefront of the rock crawling and scale segments of the rc hobby for years, offering high-quality after-market parts such as aluminum crawler axles and wheels. One of RC4WD’s first kit trucks, the Subzero, was inspired by the full-size Scorpion 4×4, which was developed for military use. Boasting scale wheels, tires [...]

Aug 13, 2010 Comments
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Losi 1/18 Mini Rock Crawler Pro Race Roller

New from Losi: Features: Carbon Fiber Twin Vertical Plate Chassis 4-Link Crawler Designed Suspension Carbon Fiber, Adjustable Shock Arms Near Zero Ackerman Steering Geometry Front CV Driveshafts Threaded Aluminum Crawling Shocks One-Piece Rear Lock-out Hubs and Axle Shafts 1/10- and 1/18-Scale Servo/Battery Mount True Beadlock Wheels World Champion 1.9 blue compound Mini Rock Claws Mini [...]

Aug 12, 2010 Comments
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RC’s Top Designs

The Best Engineering In Each Category By Matt Higgins Hobby-grade RC vehicles are marvels of engineering. Even in the “early” days, RC cars have had surprisingly impressive designs and features. Remember the Tamiya Avante? The buggy was actually ahead of its time in the truest sense of the phrase. And, because the RC car hobby [...]

Jul 30, 2010 Comments
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The 5 Most Important RC Vehicles of all Time

By Matt Higgins   What makes a vehicle more important than another is debatable. We based our picks on a few criteria. One was overall popularity. Second, is or was it a leader in a specific category or segment. Last, a vehicle rose in our rankings if it changed the hobby. Check out our picks. [...]

Jul 23, 2010 Comments
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Axial’s Latest Rock Crawling Gear – July Releases

New from Axial: Axial Internal Wheel Weight System for 1.9 & 2.2 Axial Beadlocks Axial’s new Internal wheel weight system (Patent Pending) allows for precise and easy addition of weight to your Axial 2.2 and 1.9 Beadlocks. Purchase the Internal Weight Ring to add weight and increase stability on difficult obstacles. To add even more [...]

Jul 21, 2010 Comments
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HPI Mini Trophy 1/12 4WD Desert Truck

New from HPI: HPI Racing teams up with TSA Motorsports – In the name of Fun! HPI RACING [Radio Controlled Vehicle Manufacturer] IS TEAMING UP WITH TSA MOTORSPORTS [1:1 Scale Off-Road Team] Just when you think it’s about time for HPI Racing to announce a new 1/10-scale 4WD Blitz or maybe a Full-Size short course [...]

Jun 28, 2010 Comments
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Losi 1/10 Bind N Drive Night Crawler

New from Losi: Crawling fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. With Losi’s 1/10-scale Night Crawler BND, you can hit the rocks any time, day or night. This Bind-N-Drive crawler is outfitted with bright LED lights specifically designed for navigating rocky terrain after hours. Whether you’re new to the crawling world or [...]

Apr 29, 2010 Comments
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RC4WD 1/10 T-Finder RTR Scale Truck

New from RC4WD: RC4WD T-Finder comes with 2.4Ghz radio, 45T Brushed motor, high performance ESC, 3 Links suspension, Mirek scale heavy duty rail frame and leaf springs. With built in shock mounts, these CNC machined frame is designed to deliver solid performance, rather you are doing hauling, towing, offroading or rock crawling. You’ll also find [...]

Apr 08, 2010 Comments
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