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Balance Boards Banished! Traxxas Announces “ID” Charging & Battery Tech

Traxxas’ newest EZ-Peak Plus charger is the first to incorporate the brand’s new “ID” technology, which allows for plug-in-and-charge convenience with both NiMH and LiPo batteries, with no need to select chemistry type or hassle with balance boards. For that matter, there isn’t even a cord with a female plug on the end–you simply plug [...]

Oct 02, 2014 Comments
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LaTrax Adds SST Short-Course Trucks to 1/18 Lineup

LaTrax’ popular 1/18 scale shaft-drive platform is now available dressed as a short-course truck in two flavors: Sheldon Creed edition (the red one), and Keegan Kincaid edition (blue, as you might have guessed). Dubbed the LaTrax SST, the new truck shares features with the Rally and Teton models, including full-time shaft-driven 4WD, waterproof electronics, oil-filled [...]

Oct 02, 2014 Comments
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New Pro-Line Lids: 2014 Chevy Silverado & RAM 1500

Pro-Line’s latest lids cover the off-road truck spectrum from scalers to monsters, with the 2014 Chevy Silverado getting a nicely detailed design to fit Traxxas Summit, Revo and Maxx monsters and the Associated MGT, and a spare-tire-ready take on the RAM 1500 for you scale fans. Both arrive clear with overspray film, window masks and [...]

Oct 01, 2014 Comments
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Kyosho Reveals Beetle Re-Release at Tokyo Hobby Show

Kyosho has another re-release on the way, as these shots from the Tokyo hobby show (via reveal. The original 1983 Beetle was based on the Scorpion, which makes it fitting that a Beetle re-release would follow the successful Scorpion re-release. Predictably, the car looks fantastic, and you can count on the improvements Kyosho made [...]

Sep 29, 2014 Comments
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Dromida Takes Off With KODO and Ominus Quad-Copters

We don’t feature flying models frequently since this is RC Car Action and cars don’t fly (unless you jump them…). But when a car brand takes to the sky, we like to check ‘em out. Dromida debuted with a 1/18 car lineup (see our March 2014 issue for the review), and has now added two [...]

Sep 17, 2014 Comments
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Latest Rides: SWorkz 350T, HPI Micro RS4 Discount Tire S13 & Turnigy Nitro-T

Three new cars to reveal today, with a pair of nitro truggies that span the size spectrum (1/16 for Turnigy, 1/8 for SWorkz) and the latest flavor for HPI’s 1/18 Micro RS4 on-road car. SWorkz’ new 350T is the biggest release of the bunch (literally and figuratively), so let’s start there. The short version of [...]

Sep 11, 2014 Comments
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70s Sheetmetal for Short Course: Parma 71 Muscle Baja SC

Parma’s got a bunch of different options for styling out your short-course truck as something other than a short-course truck. You can go with a dune buggy, a 50s look, a classic panel truck, or vintage muscle–like this latest addition, the ’71 Muscle Baja SC. Parma does a good job of stretching the lines to fit [...]

Aug 29, 2014 Comments
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Labor Day Sale! Save 30% Now Through Monday at

If you’ve got your eye on something at (like maybe the latest Short Course special, or Monster Trucks, or our Projects book…), now is the time to pull the trigger–we’re having a sale! Just enter the promo code laborday when you check out, and you’ll save 30%!

Aug 28, 2014 Comments
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