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Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo LiPo/NiMH Charger

Dynamite’s Prophet Sport Duo cuts down time with dual-charging capability and is packing plenty of juice (100 watts total, 50 per channel) to charge 1-6S LiPo packs, but what we really like is its small size and easy setup. No menus, just turn the dial to set the output and hit the Start button.  Official [...]

Feb 19, 2014 Comments
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HPI Goes Nitro With Latest Ken Block Car

HPI just announced a new addition to their lineup of officially licensed Ken Block cars, joining the Micro RS4 and 1/8 scale brushless WR8 Flux versions. The latest Hoonigan ride is also 1/8 scale and built on the shaft-driven WR8 3.0 4WD platform and powered by a Nitro Star G3.0 HO engine.  The car is based on the Bullet [...]

Feb 15, 2014 Comments
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Pro-Line Leaks New Striker SC “Pro-Core” Tire

Pro-Line’s classic Striker tread design is coming to short-course, as revealed with the sneak-peek photos below. The Striker SC tire is designed to be used without inserts, relying instead on the Pro-Line’s “Pro-Core” system that we first saw with the Street Fighter 2.2 design. Rather than use foam to support the tire, a compartmentalized reinforcing [...]

Feb 13, 2014 Comments
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Spotted: Pro-Line Capped Ford Bronco Short-Course Body

As spotted in Ty Tessmann‘s pit, this capped Ford Bronco shell will soon be on the way from Pro-Line.  You’ll need a set of extra-long rear body posts for this guy, otherwise expect it to fit standard 1/10 short-course trucks and include all the usual Pro-Line goodness with overspray film, window masks, and decals. We [...]

Feb 13, 2014 Comments
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RPM Super-Sizes the Classic Bearing Blaster

RPM’s Bearing Blaster is an RC classic, and now there’s a super-sized version for the extra-big rollers in large-scale RC vehicles–not to skateboards, as RPM sagely points out. The Mega Bearing Blaster, like the original model, sandwiches the bearing to be cleaned between two nested cones with an opining for the spray-tube of your favorite cleaner/lube [...]

Feb 09, 2014 Comments
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PROTOform Makes Body Marking Easy With Magnets

Sweet…your custom painted body just arrived. Not so sweet…you forgot to mark the body post locations before you sent the shell out to your airbrush maestro. Don’t worry, it’ll still look kinda cool mounted crooked. Or, you could get PROTOform’s Crosshair Body Mounting Kit and get it lined up straight. Cue the magnets! Protoform’s instructions [...]

Feb 05, 2014 Comments
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Performance Test: Team Associated SC10RS

Associated’s SC10 is a proven short-course performer in kit form, and maintains its race-ready handling in RTR mode as the SC10RS (that’s “RS” as in “Race Spec”). Here’s the full review from our on-sale-now April issue.  Click the pages to embiggen. For maximum size, right-click and open as a new tab or window.  Nice shots [...]

Feb 02, 2014 Comments
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Traxxas “Brushless Edition” E-Revo, E-Maxx Now Waterproof With New MXL-6s Speed Control

Between the venerable E-Maxx, with its original monster truck appeal and off-road performance that reshaped the genre with its release, and its futuristic cantilevered (and fellow RC Car Action Readers’ Choice Award-winning) cousin E-Revo, Traxxas has commanded both the electric monster truck category and many backyard tracks across the country. Until now, however, purchasing either [...]

Feb 01, 2014 Comments
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