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Kyosho stuns with wild-styled RageVE

“Oh yeah, I totally saw that coming,” is what exactly no one will be saying about the RageVE, the latest brushless-powered 4WD machine to come from the House of K. Officially a “4WD Truck” but looking more like a “Monster Coupe” to us (or an off-road Crossfire, as opined by one of the guys here [...]

Aug 02, 2013 Comments
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Hot Product: Pro-Line Big Joe II “Traxxas Bead” Tires…and more

Pro-Line’s Big Joe tread is a former Readers’ Choice Awards “Best Tire” winner, and the extra-gnarly design looks exceptionally tough–especially when paired when Pro-Line’s Militia body, seen here on a Traxxas Revo with Pro-Line F-11 wheels.  The latest Joes feature a “Traxxas style” bead,  and are just one of a gang of new PL releases [...]

Aug 01, 2013 Comments
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New Products From FTW, KO PROPO, Great Planes, Vampire Racing, And Avid [July 15]

FTW helps you get on the track faster with their new RAW scheme pre-painted 1/8 buggy bodies. Four color options are available and each body is protected with water and nitro-resistant paint. These bodies should be a hit for nitro buggy owners who like to do some bashing through puddles. KO PROPO sets a new [...]

Jul 15, 2013 Comments
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The Micro RS4 is back! New HPI Ken Block GRC Fiesta

Mini and micro RC enthusiasts who were around in the early 2000s will undoubtedly remember HPI’s Micro RS4 – with full-time 4WD providing traction to a relatively simple platform, the car was a huge success on garage floors and carpet tracks around the world. It even spawned an online racing game that captured the attention [...]

Jul 11, 2013 Comments
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New Products From MIP, RDRP, Gear Head, And Muchmore [July 10]

MIP continues to develop more aftermarket products for the TLR / Losi SCTE 4WD short course truck. Their Pro4mance 5-40 aluminum nuts are lighter than the stock version and are comprised of aircraft grade aluminum. These nuts are also compatible with their SCTE 1.0 Pro4mance Package and 26 nuts are included so you can completely [...]

Jul 10, 2013 Comments
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Savox 540 Sensored Brushless Motors

These new 540 motors from Savox are rebuildable and are optimized for 1s and 2S LiPo packs. Motor winds range from 4.5T to 23.5T so these should work with a variety of 1/10 off and on-road vehicles, including pan cars. Read the press release below from Savox for more info: Savox Sensored Brushless Motors are [...]

Jul 09, 2013 Comments
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Hitec X1-200 Touch Screen Charger

Hitec releases another touch screen charger today called the X1-200. Unlike their previous touch screen charger called the X1-Touch, this new charger can charge up to 12 amps and can still tackle a variety of popular batteries like NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, and LiFe. Just plug it into your favorite power supply and you are good [...]

Jul 09, 2013 Comments
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New Products From Team Associated, Schumacher, And Muchmore [July 8]

Team Associated has released a new set of rear 12mm hex adapters for the B44 line of vehicles. These hexes are narrower than the stock versions and will fit the B44, B44.1, and B44.2. Schumacher now gives 1/5 vehicle owners another tire option. Their Wave tire design has been used in 1/10 and 1/8 applications [...]

Jul 08, 2013 Comments
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