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Exclusive: Pro-Line’s GoPro-Ready Blockbuster Revealed

Now this is ingenious! Pro-Line‘s Blockbuster body is built for video (Blockbuster video, get it?) and designed to carry a GoPro camera in its hollowed-out cab (which also appears to do a good job of protecting the GoPro). In the middle pic, you can see the molded-in dashboard that gives Blockbuster-based videos a real “in-car” [...]

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Pro-Line To Offer Short-Wheelbase “Indoor” Chassis For Pro-2

When I reviewed the Pro-Line PRO-2 for the cover story of our February issue I raved about the truck’s stability in the open desert, and how that composure led to me drive aggressively on the racetrack as well. My SoCal cohort Joel Navarro and I have logged plenty of race time with our PRO-2 test truck [...]

Apr 16, 2014 Comments by
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LaTrax Announces Hop-Ups for Teton

Regular readers will recall our LaTrax Teton review from the May issue, where we enjoyed the truck in out-of-the box trim. Now LaTrax is rolling out upgrades for the little rig to increase performance and cool-factor. Visit the page for the new gear in our Hot News and New Stuff forum for the full lowdown; [...]

Apr 14, 2014 Comments by
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Two popular nitro models from Mugen Seiki and Serpent go electric

Two new vehicles that rolled across our desks this week came from two very well-established nitro racing manufacturers – which is why it was surprising that both were electric. Actually, the Mugen Seiki MBX7T ECO isn’t too big of a surprise, since it’s a follow-up on both the nitro-powered truck based on the current IFMAR [...]

Apr 11, 2014 Comments by
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Dynamite Announces New Reaction LiPos and Prophet Sport Plus Charger

Dynamite’s newest product announcements on the electric front are a line of “Reaction” 2S-4S LiPo packs boasting an 80C discharge rate, ranking up there with the hottest competition packs on the market. They’ve for entry-level hobbyists in mind as well, introducing a new Prophet Sport Plus charger that places a premium on being truly “plug, [...]

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Hacker crashes the party with new motors and speed controls for 1/10-scale, 1/8-scale, and SC vehicles

Brushless motors and speed controls from Arizona-based Hacker have long enjoyed a cult following among car guys, and their equipment has won plenty of and national and world championship events in airplanes and helicopters. With a growing roster of sponsored drivers and these new purpose-built motors and speed controls for the most popular classes of [...]

Apr 04, 2014 Comments by
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Kyosho re-enters the short course arena with the new SC6

Kyosho immediately made a splash in the SC scene with the Ultima SC when it debuted back in 2010, with Jared Tebo winning several events right after the RTR truck was released. A couple of updated kit versions followed over the next couple of years, but when the RT6 stadium truck was released (and the [...]

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REDS Racing evokes improved fuel economy with their new R7 engine

Back at The Dirt Nitro Challenge in February, REDS Racing USA’s Alex Pilson let me in on a little secret that the Mario Rossi-designed brand was working on a new engine, specifically with fuel mileage in mind. Last weekend, REDS Racing team driver and 2010 IFMAR World Champion Cody King took the Pro Buggy win [...]

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