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The 2.4 Hours Deux Enduro @ SDRC Raceway!

There are times you get to participate in unique events that are different from the normal  race day. SDRC Raceway ( in San Diego recently held one of these unique events dubbed “The 2.4 Hours Deux Enduro”. The 2.4 hour enduro consisted of having a minimum of three people on your team (with each person driving 45 [...]

Aug 22, 2011 Comments
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Electric Helicopters: Your Guide to Getting Started

It’s pretty much a universally accepted fact that RC car guys love RC helicopters. If you want to get in on the action, you should check out this article on getting started with electric helicopters. It has the scoop on what you need to know to get airborne without a lot of fuss. Even better, [...]

Aug 18, 2011 Comments
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Tamiya To Make Big Announcement On September 6th, 2011

You may have noticed a countdown timer on It’s in reference to an upcoming unveiling taking place on September 6th 2011. No word from Tamiya on what this annoucement will be but keep checking back here for the latest info.  See the countdown for yourself here:…/2011Countdown

Aug 16, 2011 Comments
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HPI 1/8 Gasoline Powered Monster Truck Teaser

Last week HPI released this teaser of a new 1/8 vehicle that will run on gasoline instead of the traditional RC nitro fuel. Previously you only saw this technology used in their 1/5 line of Baja vehicles. Electric is huge right now thanks to LiPo batteries, brushless motors, short course trucks, and new race platforms [...]

Aug 15, 2011 Comments
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Real RC Jets

You may not be into RC planes, but I think we can all agree real RC jets with fully functioning turbines are super cool. Check the videos and photos from the 2011 World Jet Masters that recently went down in right here in the U.S. This is similar to one of RC car racing’s IFMAR [...]

Aug 11, 2011 Comments
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GEICO Commercial Uses Hitec Servos

You’ve probably already seen this commercial, but watch it again and try to spot the Hitec servos being used. Once you see them you’ll wonder how you never noticed before. If you haven’t seen this commercial, it’s very much worth checking out.  

Aug 11, 2011 Comments
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Traxxas Vehicle Used By Soldier In Afghanistan To Save Lives

A US soldier fighting in the Afghanistan War received a Traxxas Stampede from his brother in Rochester, MN to help him locate IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Recently it was destroyed when it triggered a bomb wired to an estimated 500lbs of high explosives and in the process 6 soldiers’ lives were saved. Use this link [...]

Aug 04, 2011 Comments
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We have a winner. Well, two winners.

We recently chose the winners of the first Air Age Media RC Scholarship contest! Each applicant was asked to submit an essay on how RC has had a positive impact on his or her life. Although we received entries from numerous explemplary students, two applicants truly stood out from all the rest. We’d like to congratulate Billy Janus and Gustavo Salazar as the first-ever recipients [...]

Aug 03, 2011 Comments
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