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Sweet Serpent tools

    Latest from How’d you like to build a nice S400 with a set of these bad boys? Serpent complete tool range Serpent is pleased to announce that they have just released a complete line-up of high-end tools specifically designed for use with R/C cars. Featuring a lightweight orange anodised hollow aluminium handle, [...]

Nov 30, 2007 Comments
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Losi goes LiPo with new packs for 1/10 scale cars, starter boxes

No official info yet, but a search of “Losi LiPo” at the revamped (check it out, it looks really good) revealed two new packs for 1/10 scale cars and trucks, plus a starter box pack that will really lighten up your nitro-racing load. Have a look: Losi has two packs for 1/10, both rated [...]

Nov 29, 2007 Comments
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Upgrade Sport Bag

Check out Upgrade RC’s latest product, the Sports Bag. The quality-constructed bag measures in at 15″ X 17″X 25″ and features a large center compartment with a medium-sized side compartment. Heavy-duty zippers should hold up for several seasons of use, and you can expect that all of the seams are double-stitched. The best part is [...]

Nov 28, 2007 Comments
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Reedy Stockstar and 19-turn Challenger Motors

From Reedy: Reedy is back and better than ever! The all new RM6 based Stockstar 27T Stock and Challenger 19T Spec motors have been designed and conceived in house by our team of dedicated engineers. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, these all-new creations are poised to become the must-have motors for the hardcore racer. Dyno and [...]

Nov 27, 2007 Comments
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      FUTABA 3PK with 2.4GHz FASST MODULE and R603FS RECEIVER   Pre-equipped with FASST technology!   All the advantages of  2.4GHz, with all-in-one convenience!  The 3PK radio is designed for the top-level racer, with driver-friendly features such as a multi-position wheel, multiple menus, Direct Select for quick access and much more.  Spread spectrum [...]

Nov 23, 2007 Comments
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  O’DONNELL SUPER SPORT .21 ENGINE   Sure to be the engine choice of dominant drivers!   Designed in the USA by master engine tuner Steve O’Donnell, the Super Sport .21 is the pinnacle of 1/8 scale nitro racing!  It’s a shining example of the “clean sheet” concept – a fresh look at engine construction [...]

Nov 23, 2007 Comments
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Pro-Line Boulder Holder for Revo 3.3, MGT, Genesis, Warhead

Latest from Do you haul it, want to haul it, or have ever thought of hauling it? Whatever category you fall into, then check out Pro-Line’s new Boulder Holder body for the REVO® 3.3, MGT, LST, TNX, Genesis, Warhead trucks. Nothing says fun like the Boulder Holder. Throw it on your truck, throw stuff [...]

Nov 20, 2007 Comments
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Pro-Line Assault heli canopy wrap by Upgrade

Latest from TRex Heli fans the wait is over. Just last month Pro-Line release a 1 piece, ultra lightweight design canopy for 450 TRex owners. For those that want a custom look but want it less than 5 minutes, then check out Pro-Line’s new Assault canopy wraps for the 450 TRex by Upgrade. Thick [...]

Nov 19, 2007 Comments
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