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Budget- Friendly HobbyKing Basher 2S2P Hardcase LiHV Packs

LiPo batteries changed the RC world when they came out, but they’ve stayed relatively the same for peak voltage. Now Basher Racing by HobbyKing is among a few manufacturers releasing their own version of a high voltage pack labeled LiHV and are available in 6600mAh and 5600mAh hardcase packs. These packs also weigh less and [...]

Jan 20, 2016 Comments
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Axial SCX10 Custom Honcho by Adam Hoover [READERS RIDE]

Adam’s truck has a certain gritty, home-brewed scale look to it that really appeals to us. It looks like the kind of real truck we would build in our garage at home. He custom-welded the eco-cage and rear section himself, and added a RC4WD Mojave cab which he custom-painted to give it a home-built beater [...]

Jan 19, 2016 Comments
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Schelle Asterisk Wing Buttons For 1/10 and 1/8 Buggies Add Some Extra Bling

Part of the fun of owning an RC car for bashing or racing, is having it reflect your own unique style and tastes. Schelle Racing Innovations is known worldwide by serious racers for their tuning items to help increase performance, but these unique wing buttons can add some style and also eliminate the need for [...]

Jan 13, 2016 Comments
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Axial SCX10 Salvage Truck by Micheal Matthews [READERS RIDE]

Micheal gets big points for  originality with his Axial SCX10-based salvage truck. He only shared a few details — the outstanding photos do most of the talking for him. He chose an Axial 55T motor for tons of torque down low, with Castle’s SV3 speed control ensuring precise throttle management. Micheal looked to Hitec for [...]

Jan 05, 2016 Comments
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JConcepts Dirt Wheel Yellow Foam Grip

The look and feel of a transmitter is critical in making the interaction with a vehicle seamless and personal to the user. JConcepts knows this and is introducing yellow foam grips for most of the popular transmitters on the market. Developed by legendary driver Brian “the Dirt” Kinwald, this foam grip provides a unique experience [...]

Dec 30, 2015 Comments
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Teaser: New REDS TXX Pro 1/8 ESC Gives Big Vehicle Users Another Option

1/8-scale nitro vehicles like Buggies and Monster Trucks are a lot of fun, but outdoor weather, local spots and the complexity of nitro can limit their use. It comes as no surprise that electric vehicles are filling that gap and providing another level of fun. Reds is aware of this and is poised to bring [...]

Dec 29, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas Makes Aerial Photography and Video Easy with the New Aton

Traxxas is billing the all-new Aton as “your personal video assistant,” and they’re putting a strong emphasis on ease of use with autonomous flight capabilities via dual-mode GPS and “no need for any specialized skill or experience.” While photography and videography are a big selling point for the Aton (and the drone scene in general), [...]

Dec 21, 2015 Comments
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KO PROPO Adds Some Bling with Their New Limited Edition Blue EX-1 KIY Version 3

A transmitter is an important interface between the driver and the vehicle and critical to having the best performance. The types of features and ergonomics can elevate it from an entry level item to professional grade. KO Propo has been making radio systems for a long time and understand this importance and realize the looks [...]

Dec 21, 2015 Comments
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