Reedy Steps Up Their Shorty Game

LiPo batteries are the modern standard for many classes, but along with the extra runtime they provide, there is also an increase in power and ability to tune with weight bias. The newest Reedy 5300mAh 70C Shorty LiPo Battery is perfect for 1/10-scale off-road applications and thier most powerful yet in this series of batteries [...]

May 20, 2015 Comments
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Xpert Announces New Low-Profile Servos

When you are ready to make your vehicle perform at its best, upgrading your servo to something purpose built can make a big difference in how it handles. Xpert RC is known for their high quality servos and has announced two new low profile servos, the PI-3402 & PM-3402. These servos have been given the [...]

May 01, 2015 Comments
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50 Years of Kyosho

Kyosho has earned most of its cred with modern RC fans thanks to a string of iconic RC cars in the 80s and 90s (to say nothing of the current lineup), but the Big K’s history goes much farther back. In this article from our November 2013 issue, we look back at 50 years of [...]

Apr 13, 2015 Comments
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Chillax In This Japanese Drift Lounge [VIDEO]

Kicking back on the couch for some Tokyo Drift action (for reals, these guys and gals are in Japan) sure looks a lot more comfy than teetering on a rickety drivers’ stand. Not sure if this is some rich guy’s sweet basement, a hobby store’s extra space, or what, but it sure looks like a [...]

Mar 16, 2015 Comments
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Serpent Announces F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2

The F1 scene has been heating up with new releases lately, not the least of which is Sepent’s newest entry to the scene. The F110 SF2 is typically top-notch, as you can see by just looking at the pics below. Ride height is adjustable to suit rubber or foam tires, neither of which are included. [...]

Mar 12, 2015 Comments
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Reedy Announces 2015 Reedy International Touring Car Race of Champions

Reedy has just announced details for the 2015 Reedy International Touring Car Race of Champions. Last year saw Yokomo’s Ronald Volker step to the top of the podium in dominant fashion. Will there be a repeat or will the race crown a different champion? RC Car Action will be there in May to cover the event [...]

Feb 26, 2015 Comments
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It’s Time for ROAR to Update Their Rules

Racing needs rules. Without them there would be no guidelines and confusion would rein. But what happens when the rules are so vague, outdated or confusing that their relevance is useless? Thumbing through the latest rulebook and you’ll see a lot of rules with a ton of detail. It can be overwhelming, but fortunately the [...]

Feb 16, 2015 Comments
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Serpent Ups Their 1/12 Scale Game With S120 LTR

You can always count on Serpent to produce top-quality on-roaders, and the brand best known for its 1/8 scale pavement weapons makes a heck of a 1/12 scale carpet-cutter as well. The S120 is the latest, and as you can see in the photos below, it’s a first-class machine. Says Serpent, “Focus on development has [...]

Feb 04, 2015 Comments
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