2015 ROAR On-Road Nats: Under the Hood of Ryan Cavalieri’s Winning TC6.2

To say that Ryan Cavalieri is having a history-making season would be an understatement, but most would assume his domination would be contained to off-road. After all, he’s raced on-road in the past with mixed results, but lately he’s been on a different level. I was fortunate to take a peak under the hood of [...]

Sep 14, 2015 Comments
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Tire Drama at the 2015 ROAR On-Road Nationals

Like any major event, tires are big deal and this National was subject to some unusual problems that only occurred as qualifying got under way. Sweep EXP EVO-R 36 were the premounted tires chosen for the event and have a history of performance at the facility, but this time things were a little different. With [...]

Sep 13, 2015 Comments
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2015 Tamiya Championship Series: Tickets to Japan

Racers love to compete and it’s usually just for bowling trophies or bragging rights among pears, but the Tamiya Championship Series Finals takes things up a big notch by awarding winners in specified classes a trip to Japan for the Tamiya World Championships in November. Held at the Tamiya America racing facility in Aliso Viejo, [...]

Aug 26, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas Adds Stability Management to XO-1 & TQi Radio System

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) is now standard on the XO-1, which will definitely make it a lot easier to get “the world’s fastest ready-to-race supercar” up to its 100+mph top speed. The stability system is tuned to the X0-1 and adjustable via a knob on the transmitter, so you can dial up as much or [...]

Aug 10, 2015 Comments
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Out of the Box: Losi Audi R8 LMS Ultra FIA-GT3 RTR

Losi made waves with the announcement of its new 1/6 scale 6IX platform wrapped in Audi R8 GT3 bodywork, and RC Car Action is the first to get a review car. For Losi’s official pics and tech details, see our previous post on the big Audi. Full review coming up, for now let’s see what you get [...]

Aug 05, 2015 Comments
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ECX’s Outburst Micro-Bike Looks Like a Lot of Fun for $40 [VIDEO]

Hmmm, dinner for two at Chili’s or an ECX Outburst? The itty-bitty bike measures just over 5″ long, but based on the clip below, the Outburst appears fast for it’s size and lots of fun for not much cash–shoot, at $40 each you can get two and still be well under a hundo. Amazingly, the [...]

Aug 04, 2015 Comments
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Losi Announces All-New 1/6 Scale Audi R8 GT3 Supercar

No one saw this thing coming! Losi’s super-sized take on street-shredding RC looks like a real powerhouse. The car is built on an all-new chassis dubbed the “6IX,” and will arrive RTR. The car’s sensorless 1200Kv motor is fueled by dual batteries (not included) and a 6S-rated speed control that delivers over 60mph, says Losi. [...]

Jul 30, 2015 Comments
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Castle Creations Mamba Micro X Packs Big Power in Small Package

Minis can be a blast especially when space for action is limited. Castle knows how much fun it can be and have brought power to those who won’t settle for mediocre. The Castle Mamba Micro X lays down a small footprint making ti perfectly suited for  1/18-scale size, and its “mighty-mite” 0808 brushless motors complete [...]

Jul 22, 2015 Comments
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