IFMAR World Champion Bruno Coelho Signs with HOBBYWING

Current IFMAR 4WD World Champion Bruno Coelho has been shaking up the racing scene lately by winning some of the most prestigious events in both on and off-road disciplines. In a big move, HOBBYWING have announced the signing of this formidable Portuguese driver through 2018. His vehicles will be outfitted with the latest HOBBYWING products [...]

Feb 01, 2016 Comments
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Budget- Friendly HobbyKing Basher 2S2P Hardcase LiHV Packs

LiPo batteries changed the RC world when they came out, but they’ve stayed relatively the same for peak voltage. Now Basher Racing by HobbyKing is among a few manufacturers releasing their own version of a high voltage pack labeled LiHV and are available in 6600mAh and 5600mAh hardcase packs. These packs also weigh less and [...]

Jan 20, 2016 Comments
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Fast Laps: Should There Be Less Factory Pros in Racing?

Recently in shocking news, legendary driver Atsushi Hara announced that he would compete as a privateer in nitro off-road racing after leaving SWorkz. In another situation, Drew Moller announced his departure from HB/HPI Racing in order to pursue a college education. But, these aren’t the only instances where drivers have made big moves as a [...]

Jan 20, 2016 Comments
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XRAY 2016 X10 1/10 Pan Car For the Rug.

If you’ve never raced on high bite surfaces like carpet, I can tell you from first hand experience that it is a lot of fun. Pan cars are deceptively simple, but the details are where things count. This is especially true when considering the speed and lightning fast handling these cars have. 1/10-scale pan cars [...]

Jan 19, 2016 Comments
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Tamiya and HPI Lowriders by Demitree Baldwin [READERS RIDE]

Demitree has taken his electric touring cars in a thoroughly original direction with a little help from classic Chevy bodies from Pegasus and Parma. He has converted three cars into lowriders that look and drive the part thanks to controllable, articulating suspension. The Pegasus ’64 Impala rides on a Tamiya TT-02 chassis. There’s a Parma [...]

Jan 13, 2016 Comments
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Flashback: Watch Masami Crush The Comp At The 1988 IFMAR 1/12 Worlds [VIDEO]

Old timers, put on your reading glasses–how many legends can you name in this time-capsule clip of the 1988 IFMAR 1/12 Scale Worlds? No brushless motors, LiPos, or 2.4GHz radios here–these guys were happy just to have electronic speed controls, 1200mAh NiCad batteries, and AMB lap counting!

Jan 04, 2016 Comments
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Fast Laps: Who Is the Best Driver Ever?

Ask any group of RC racers who they pick for the best driver ever, and chances are you’ll get some pretty passionate opinions and arguments. Like a Presidential campaign, emotions can get heated and facts exaggerated. That’s because these talented drivers often reflect something in ourselves- something we relate to or hold in a very [...]

Dec 22, 2015 Comments
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KO PROPO Adds Some Bling with Their New Limited Edition Blue EX-1 KIY Version 3

A transmitter is an important interface between the driver and the vehicle and critical to having the best performance. The types of features and ergonomics can elevate it from an entry level item to professional grade. KO Propo has been making radio systems for a long time and understand this importance and realize the looks [...]

Dec 21, 2015 Comments
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