Serpent 411 Front Wheel Drive 1/10 Touring Car

Serpent has developed a new version of the Serpent 411 with front wheel drive only. Check out the details below: The highly successful Serpent 411 platform serves as basis of this exciting and superbly designed new racing car; Serpent 411 Front Wheel Drive 1/10. The suspension design is very similar to the Serpent 411, and [...]

Oct 14, 2011 Comments
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Tamiya TRF417X Chassis Kit

Tamiya has released the TRF417X in preperation for the 2012 IFMAR World Championships. Check out the new features below: Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team’s ace driver Marc Rheinard won the 2010 IFMAR World Championship with the TRF416X. In December of the same year, the TRF417 was released and it has achieved equally impressive results at [...]

Oct 09, 2011 Comments
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PROTOform Gen2 TCC Clear Body

PROTOform updates their popular TCC (Today’s Cup Car) body for all you NASCAR fans.  Check out the details below:  The “Gen 2″ TCC (Todays Cup Car) is the second iteration of the ever-changing look of the modern NASCAR series Sprint Cup racer. It now features an add-on blade spoiler and a double step splitter/spoiler on the front valance. The [...]

Oct 03, 2011 Comments
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Serpent S120-Link Tube Version

Serpent is working on a new 1/12 tube link version car and has released this CAD rendering of it.  Read the press release below for more info: Serpent introduces the new version of the very successfull 1/12 scale platform the S120.  The S120-Link Tube version chassis is now fully developed for LiPo use and combines [...]

Sep 26, 2011 Comments
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Serpent 733 Team Edition

The Serpent 733 has a new, very distinct open design and sets new standards in 1/10 scale race-chassis design. Many innovative and practical solutions are build into the unique design, to make assembly, set-up, racing and maintenance a joy! 733-specs Low center of gravity. Newly developed geometry and weight balance. High cornering speeds. Superb braking. [...]

Aug 18, 2011 Comments
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When Should I Move Up to the Next Class?

Moving up in classes can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Advancing depends mostly on your driving and wrenching skills but may also you may also have to take into consideration your competition or if you are moving from novice to intermediate or intermediate to expert. I will brush on both areas. I wish [...]

Aug 01, 2011 Comments
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Team Associated 12R5.1 LiPo Conversion Kit

The RC12R5 chassis has been optimized for 1S LiPo batteries, with the following additional enhancements: Inline battery positioning generates a lower polar moment of inertia for smoother mid-corner steering in high traction conditions Lengthened wheel base for added stability Front bulkhead mounting position widened to give more options for upper control arm length and added [...]

Jul 10, 2011 Comments
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Thunder Tiger Tomahawk VX RTR With Nissan GT-R Body

While the Thunder Tiger® Tomahawk VX RTR with Nissan GT-R Body might look really hot, the fact is – with a shaft-driven 4WD, powerful Pro-18 BX engine, 2-speed automatic transmission and double wishbone front and rear suspension – this on-road touring car has blazed a trail for having a reputation as a fierce competitor! And [...]

Jun 03, 2011 Comments
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