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Team Corally Formula 1 Side Links 1/10 Full Graphite Car

Team Corally introduces the F1SL 1:10th scale on-road racer with all new features. This car’s design is based on the all new rear suspension that is controlled by graphite side-links. The side-link rear suspension allows a chassis layout that is ideal for using either 7.4V LiPo Stick or Saddle packs. All suspension parts move precisely [...]

Apr 14, 2011 Comments
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XRAY Aluminum Dual Servo Saver Arm And Ball Bearings

Set of 2 alu arms (L+R) for dual servo saver. Ultra-strong construction provides long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions. CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum for superior strength and reliability, this is a direct replacement for the composite servo saver arms. Includes ball-bearings. Orange anodized. Alu arms (L+R) for [...]

Apr 12, 2011 Comments
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XRAY XII And X10 Tapered Springs

apered spring for XRAY XII & X10 Link cars. Perfectly matched springs rates & lengths to ensure tweak-free pod mounting. Medium or Hard hardness. Set of 2. Tapered spring for XRAY XII & X10 Link cars Perfectly matched springs rates & lengths Tweak-free pod mounting Medium or Hard hardness Set of 2 #373582 Tapered Spring [...]

Apr 08, 2011 Comments
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Thunder Tiger KT8 1/8 RTR Go Kart

Thunder Tiger proudly releases the newly designed KT8 Kart. This 1/8 scale kart is packed with awesome features like a gear differential for stability, a sealed gearbox, an easy-change battery tray and standard micro-sized electronics. On-track handling is managed without any springs and shocks but rather by a tuned flex chassis and suspension mounts – [...]

Apr 06, 2011 Comments
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XRAY T3 Aluminum Upper Clamp With Adjustment Roll-Center

Ultra-light, ultra-strong upper clamp for bulkheads with adjustment roll-center positions, CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, orange color. Roll-center positions provide a great range of adjustments for both front and rear suspension roll centers. Bulkhead cavities permit 3 different mounting roll-center positions as well as roll-center height by adding/removing shims under the ball joint. [...]

Mar 22, 2011 Comments
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XRAY Composite Shock Parts With Rebound Hole

One frame containing composite parts (except pistons) for two XRAY short shock absorbers. These new shock parts feature the upper shock cap with a hole which allows for faster, easier and more comfortable shocks rebound adjustment. Fits all XRAY electric and nitro touring shocks. composite shock parts (except pistons) upper shock cap with a hole [...]

Mar 06, 2011 Comments
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Novak GTB 2 And Havoc 2S VTA Systems

Novak has partnered with Trans-Am U.S. Vintage R/C Racing Association to bring affordable, reliable and undeniably quick racing products to the growing Vintage Trans-Am class. These impressive VTA products meet the Trans-Am Association’s guidelines, and each motor is equipped with a unique blue, anodized sleeve to differentiate it as a VTA specific product. With the [...]

Feb 25, 2011 Comments
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Eric Anderson Takes Double Win At 2011 Midwest Grand Slam Series Finale

The 2011 season finale of the Midwest Grand Slam series was held at R/Car Marion Fairgrounds raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. It would be the final race of the season in the Midwest traveling race series. The format would be open practice on Friday, 3 qualifiers on Sat and 1 qualifier and Mains on Sunday. Arriving [...]

Feb 24, 2011 Comments
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