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Schumacher returns to off-road with all-new CAT SX

      Latest from Schumacher, the CAT is back! Here we have more information on the new CAT SX Competition 4WD Off-Roader that we announced at the recent Nurnberg Toy Fair. You can now see some of the exceptional details the Schumacher designers have been working on for this new innovative car. We hope the [...]

Mar 13, 2008 Comments
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Kyosho’s new RB5T electric race truck exclusive studio photos

Talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff Forum   Kyosho has been testing prototypes of their new RB5T electric racing truck and the production truck will make its debut at the Cactus Classic next month. Here are detailed studio photos of the prototype, but technical info is scarce at this time. Here’s [...]

Mar 03, 2008 Comments
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Losi graphite chassis for Mini Slider

Latest from Losi Talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff forum! Chassis & Battery Brace, Graphite: Mini-Slider Features Made from 2.75mm woven graphite Helps reduce weight, while offering stiffer chassis for improved handling  

Mar 02, 2008 Comments
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XTM Rage 1/18 scale mini RTR

I just received XTM Racing’s new Rage 1/18-scale stadium truck, and I’m impressed! This little truck might just be the best 1/18-scale micro truck in my stable. With a wheelbase of 160mm and a width of 198mm, it has a larger footprint than most 1/18-scale machines. The larger footprint should make this little truck ultra-stable, [...]

Jan 31, 2008 Comments
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Serpent Hits the Dirt!

  From Serpent:Serpent is very pleased to officially announce that Gerd Strenge, better known as Mr Duango from Germany, has entered into a long-term cooperation with Serpent, for the development of offroad rc racing cars. Gerd Strenge is famous in the electric offroad scene, for his very innovative Team Durango 1/10 scale 4wd offroad project. [...]

Aug 31, 2007 Comments
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HPI Graphite TVP Chassis for the E-Savage

Lighten your E-Savage while increasing performance (and curb appeal) by swapping out the standard aluminum chassis plates with HPI’s new Graphite TVP chassis. The plates are computer-cut from 2.5mm thick woven carbon fiber to provide increased rigidity, while reducing weight. Item no. 73117

Aug 22, 2007 Comments
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Aluminum HPI E-Savage Shock Set

From HPI for the E-Savage is this aluminum threaded body shock set. Now you can dress up the chassis while improving performance. The shock set includes 8 fully assembled shocks and all the mounting hardware, which makes it easy to upgrade your truck. Item no. 82055

Aug 22, 2007 Comments
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Associated announces NEW 1/10 4WD nitro monster truck!

New from No body-off shots yet, but it only takes a quick look at the specs to see the new Mini Monster GT should be a bunch of 4WD fun. Here’s the official info from Team Associated; for discussion, go to the Mini MGT thread in our Hot News & New Stuff forum. The [...]

Aug 10, 2007 Comments
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