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Team Associated SC8e 1/8th Scale 4WD Electric Off-Road Race Truck Kit

New from AE: The ultra-realistic SC8 was designed to look like full-size 4WD race trucks that compete on short course off-road tracks around the country. Team Associated’s all-new SC8e kit brings all of that scale excitement to those who prefer the awesome performance, convenience, and cleanliness of electric power. Like the SC8, the SC8e was [...]

Mar 05, 2009 Comments
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Tricked-Out XTM Rage

The XTM Rage is a 1/18-scale 4WD monster truck. It’s fully ready-to-run and includes everything you need—battery, charger, truck and even AA batteries for the transmitter. It’s a great little truck, and its plush suspension system has two shocks on each wheel, aggressive tires and a sturdy construction. It’s a fun vehicle out of the [...]

Feb 13, 2009 Comments
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Project Slash

The Traxxas Slash is a fun, durable, and cool vehicle to bash, race, and just have fun with. The past couple weeks I have been racing my Slash at a local track and it’s been a blast, but I wanted to make my Slash faster, and more durable so I could really hit the track [...]

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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VG Racing Roll Cage for the Baja 5B

  VG Racing AKA Roll Cage City has an extensive line of roll cages that’s rapidly growing. They currently have roll cages for the Traxxas Revo, T-Maxx, Nitro Rustler, Team Associated RC18T and the CEN Genesis (to name a few). They plan to release many more roll cages in the future, but they’re particularly proud [...]

Mar 14, 2008 Comments
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Schumacher returns to off-road with all-new CAT SX

      Latest from Schumacher, the CAT is back! Here we have more information on the new CAT SX Competition 4WD Off-Roader that we announced at the recent Nurnberg Toy Fair. You can now see some of the exceptional details the Schumacher designers have been working on for this new innovative car. We hope the [...]

Mar 13, 2008 Comments
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Kyosho’s new RB5T electric race truck exclusive studio photos

Talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff Forum   Kyosho has been testing prototypes of their new RB5T electric racing truck and the production truck will make its debut at the Cactus Classic next month. Here are detailed studio photos of the prototype, but technical info is scarce at this time. Here’s [...]

Mar 03, 2008 Comments
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Losi graphite chassis for Mini Slider

Latest from Losi Talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff forum! Chassis & Battery Brace, Graphite: Mini-Slider Features Made from 2.75mm woven graphite Helps reduce weight, while offering stiffer chassis for improved handling  

Mar 02, 2008 Comments
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XTM Rage 1/18 scale mini RTR

I just received XTM Racing’s new Rage 1/18-scale stadium truck, and I’m impressed! This little truck might just be the best 1/18-scale micro truck in my stable. With a wheelbase of 160mm and a width of 198mm, it has a larger footprint than most 1/18-scale machines. The larger footprint should make this little truck ultra-stable, [...]

Jan 31, 2008 Comments
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