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Losi graphite chassis for Mini Slider

Latest from Losi Talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff forum! Chassis & Battery Brace, Graphite: Mini-Slider Features Made from 2.75mm woven graphite Helps reduce weight, while offering stiffer chassis for improved handling  

Mar 02, 2008 Comments
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XTM Rage 1/18 scale mini RTR

I just received XTM Racing’s new Rage 1/18-scale stadium truck, and I’m impressed! This little truck might just be the best 1/18-scale micro truck in my stable. With a wheelbase of 160mm and a width of 198mm, it has a larger footprint than most 1/18-scale machines. The larger footprint should make this little truck ultra-stable, [...]

Jan 31, 2008 Comments
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Serpent Hits the Dirt!

  From Serpent:Serpent is very pleased to officially announce that Gerd Strenge, better known as Mr Duango from Germany, has entered into a long-term cooperation with Serpent, for the development of offroad rc racing cars. Gerd Strenge is famous in the electric offroad scene, for his very innovative Team Durango 1/10 scale 4wd offroad project. [...]

Aug 31, 2007 Comments
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HPI Graphite TVP Chassis for the E-Savage

Lighten your E-Savage while increasing performance (and curb appeal) by swapping out the standard aluminum chassis plates with HPI’s new Graphite TVP chassis. The plates are computer-cut from 2.5mm thick woven carbon fiber to provide increased rigidity, while reducing weight. Item no. 73117

Aug 22, 2007 Comments
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Aluminum HPI E-Savage Shock Set

From HPI for the E-Savage is this aluminum threaded body shock set. Now you can dress up the chassis while improving performance. The shock set includes 8 fully assembled shocks and all the mounting hardware, which makes it easy to upgrade your truck. Item no. 82055

Aug 22, 2007 Comments
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Associated announces NEW 1/10 4WD nitro monster truck!

New from No body-off shots yet, but it only takes a quick look at the specs to see the new Mini Monster GT should be a bunch of 4WD fun. Here’s the official info from Team Associated; for discussion, go to the Mini MGT thread in our Hot News & New Stuff forum. The [...]

Aug 10, 2007 Comments
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OFNA goes dirt oval!

Looks like 2007 is shaping up to be The Year of Dirt Oval. OFNA will soon be offering its 1/8 scale buggy-based GTP chassis tweaked for left-turns off pavement. The Dirt Oval GTP will include a direct drive center spool with steel spur gear and a pair of 1/2 inch offset hex adapters on the right-side axles [...]

Aug 09, 2007 Comments
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Kyosho ST-RR

Latest from Kyosho ST-RR sets the new standard in truck racing! The Kyosho ST-R established higher standards of quality and technology when it was introduced in early 2006, and now the new ST-RR competition truggy raises the bar even higher! The ST-RR is the culmination of a year and half of racing and rigorous [...]

Aug 06, 2007 Comments
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