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Pro-Line Announces New Gear for Tekno NT48 & SCT410, Pro-Spec Shocks for 1/0 Buggy, More

Does anyone ever take a day off at Pro-Line? It must be like the Apple factory over there. Whatever, as long as the new stuff keeps coming! This latest round includes body and post options for Tekno’s SCT410 short-course machine and NT48 truggy, two flavors of Suppressor tires for buggies and trucks, and new versions [...]

Apr 20, 2015 Comments
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2015 Pro-Line April Fools Classic: Gillespie Jr. Sweeps With Team Associated

Another April Fools Classic comes to an end with tons of action, new friends and close racing. In the premiere classes it was Team Associated’s Rob Gillespie Jr. who put his home track knowledge to use and took out some big heavy hitters on his way to winning Mod Stadium Truck, Mod 2WD buggy and [...]

Apr 19, 2015 Comments
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2015 Pro-Line April Fools Classic: Qualifying Wraps Up.

Qualifying is over for the 2015 Pro-Line April Fools Classic, with finals scheduled for Sunday. It was close and exciting, but in the premiere mod classes it was flipping and flopping to see who would come out on top, with the top dogs all battling to grab much needed points for the overall TQ. The [...]

Apr 18, 2015 Comments
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2015 Pro-Line April Fools Classic: Drew Moller’s Custom 2WD Buggy

The Pro-Line April Fools Classic is visited by some of the fastest factory drivers and sometimes you get to see some pretty cool stuff. One 2WD buggy that’s been looking fast on the track, is HB/HPI Racing’s Drew Moller’s custom made 2WD buggy. With no HB/HPI Racing 2WD in production, Moller decided to take things [...]

Apr 17, 2015 Comments
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2015 Pro-Line April Fools Classic: The Event Kicks Off

The April Fools Classic has been a favorite for veteran racers for many years and has been one of those events that has that great hometown feel. Traditionally held at Intermountain RC Raceway in Utah, the race track and its famous dirt is beloved by drivers like Team Associated’s Brian Kinwald and is one of [...]

Apr 17, 2015 Comments
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Thunder Tiger Jackal Trophy Truck Update

A few months ago we showed you body on photos of Thunder Tiger’s prototype Jackal trophy truck and now we’re able to show you what’s going on under the hood. Some of the parts appear to be prototypes (note the rough surfaces), but it looks like the truck is going to have shaft driven 4WD [...]

Apr 16, 2015 Comments
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Team Associated Reveals RC8B3 Details

As quickly as we got the “sneak peek” news up, Associated has gone ahead and released all the details of the new RC8B3. The buggy just won the NeoX race in the hands of Ryan Cavalieri, and has been successful in prototype form on the way to its final specs–as you’ll recall, Cavalieri took second [...]

Apr 14, 2015 Comments
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50 Years of Kyosho

Kyosho has earned most of its cred with modern RC fans thanks to a string of iconic RC cars in the 80s and 90s (to say nothing of the current lineup), but the Big K’s history goes much farther back. In this article from our November 2013 issue, we look back at 50 years of [...]

Apr 13, 2015 Comments
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