Savox Signs Ex-Airtronics Drivers Cavalieri and Caster

Recently it was announced that the Airtronics brand would be discontinued by parent company Sanwa, leaving many sponsored drivers in limbo. Yes, some of the Airtronics products will be rebadged and sold under the Sanwa label, but agreements between drivers and the Japanese company would have to go through new negotiations. It was only a [...]

May 03, 2016 Comments
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Team Associated’s B6 Takes The Win In Euro Off-Road Series Debut

Last week we reported that Team Associated surprised many by debuting two new buggies, the new B6 and B6D (click here to see our initial story). The B6 is a purpose-built buggy specifically designed for extremely high-bite surfaces like Astro-Turf or carpet (yes, they are different), while the B6D is focused on dirt and lower-bite [...]

May 02, 2016 Comments
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This 10-Year-Old Girl Just Beat the Reigning IFMAR 2WD Champion

Check this out: not only is Xray‘s Malin Karlsen one of elite RC racing’s few lady drivers, she’s also just a kid–only ten years old! You can see her putting down hot solo laps in the video below, then catch her in action at the EOS (Euro Off-Road Series) race where she beat IFMAR champ [...]

May 02, 2016 Comments
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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Toyota Hilux by Brian Pratt [READERS' RIDE]

Brian has owned his TF2 Toyota for a couple of years, and in that time he has competed with it several times, including a 2nd place at the Team KNK Hardware G6. The TF2 sports a Holmes Hobbies 45T brushed motor controlled but a Holmes waterproof BRXL. It now has Junfac drive shafts and Motoworx [...]

Apr 27, 2016 Comments
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Kyosho Optima 4WD Buggy Re-Release Kit Unboxing

We just got the new Kyosho Optima 4WD buggy re-release kit in our hands and are eager to bring back all those old cherished moments or for those new to the Optima, create some new one. The Optima was one of Kyosho‘s most successful vehicles and helped bring many new drivers in to the hobby [...]

Apr 21, 2016 Comments
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Axial SCX-10 Beater Farm Truck by Deon Person [READER'S RIDE]

Deon Person sent in this well-weathered Axial SCX-10 wearing a Pro-Line ’50s Chevy pickup body. His concept was to create a truck that been living the hard life on the farm for years. He gave it a rusty finish and dented and distressed the body underneath. The winshield is cracked and…are those bullet holes? There’s [...]

Apr 20, 2016 Comments
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Interview: Matt Olson Talks About 1/5-Scale Racing [RACE WATCH]

1/5-scale vehicles are big and intimidating, but to the lucky people who have driven one, they can be a lot of fun. Nothing quite matches the power and feel of these big rigs, especially when taken to the track. But, they can be a mystery and information sporadic. Fortunately, we got a chance to chat [...]

Apr 18, 2016 Comments
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Interview: Team Associated’s Rob Gillespie Jr. Chats About Utah’s Racing Scene [RACE WATCH]

Not many people realize that Utah has a thriving and passionate scene that has flourished since the early days of RC racing. Grounded around the historic IR/CR Raceway, the track recently went through an ownership and location change that is setting the path for the future in this region surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Known as [...]

Apr 13, 2016 Comments
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