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XRAY Brass 1-Piece Engine Mount for NT1

New from XRAY: XRAY optional Brass Engine Mount for NT1 provides solid engine mounting and easy adjustment. The Monoblock Engine Mount is recommended for all conditions. The Monoblock design provides a stiffer design than the standard single engine mounts but is still a bit more flexible than the Multi-Flex™ 1-Piece Engine Mounting System (#338712). The [...]

Nov 02, 2010 Comments
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Tim Smith takes 1/8 Pro Buggy in the Georgia Championship Series

Latest race news from JConcepts: Race – Georgia Championship Series rd. 7 Track – Phil Hurd Raceway, Savannah, GA Date – October 22-24th The Final round of the Georgia Championship Series was held at the legendary Phil Hurd Raceway in Savannah, Georgia. Excellent racers from all over Georgia were in attendance, including racers from South [...]

Oct 29, 2010 Comments
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O.S. Engines: 21XZ-B/Speed, 65AX, and 25FX

New from O.S. Engines: 21XZ-B & 21XZ-B Speed The 21XZ-B engines represent the next level in high-performance engine technology. The 21XZ-B boasts improved fuel mileage, plus a long stroke for superior torque A 21J2 three-needle carb includes a 7 mm restrictor The 21XZ-B Speed has been tuned for championship-caliber performance, with a race-proven 3-port sleeve [...]

Oct 28, 2010 Comments
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XRAY High-dynamic Red Clutch Shoe

New from XRAY: High-dynamic Red clutch shoe for the High Dynamic XCA Clutch Set has a new smaller diameter compared to standard clutch shoe. CNC-machined from hard red clutch material. Provides less slippage and wear. Recommended for medium- and high-traction tracks. Fits both High Dynamic and Standard Clutch. High-dynamic Red clutch shoe Small diameter CNC-machined [...]

Oct 27, 2010 Comments
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Greasy plug

Installing a new glow plug can be a real pain if the gasket keeps falling off. To hold the gasket in place, dab a tiny bit of grease or a drop of after-run oil onto the gasket.
Oct 26, 2010 Comments
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Kyosho DBX 2.0 1/10 Nitro 4WD Buggy

New from Kyosho: The new DBX 2.0 gets beginners off to a flying start as well as providing an ideal step up to the power of 1/8-class machines with the same long wheelbase and tread as well as 1/8 tires and wheels. The chassis features a 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension and fulltime 4WD drive expected [...]

Oct 26, 2010 Comments
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Hot Bodies D8 Atsushi Hara Edition Kit

New from Hot Bodies: Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, HB in collaboration with Atsushi Hara release the unthinkable, the HB D8 Hara Edition 1/8th scale 4WD Buggy Kit. Dedicated to creating “Best in Class Vehicles”, the new HB D8 Hara Edition Kit is loaded with every available race grade hop-up! Study the [...]

Oct 25, 2010 Comments
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JConcepts Inverse Wheel Teaser Video

Latest from JConcepts: JConcepts drivers, Jason Ruona, Paul Wynn and JR Mitch perform pre-worlds testing at Coral Springs and Tampa, FL with a prototype version of the new JConcepts Inverse 1/8th scale buggy wheel. This new wheel which is unique in construction is 2-piece with the conventional design being “inversed”. This allows for a very [...]

Oct 21, 2010 Comments
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