Fast Laps: Rising Supercross Star Malcolm Stewart Hits the RC Track

Any discussion of the modern Supercross era must include James “Bubba” Stewart, the second- winningest SX rider in AMA history (Jeremy McGrath is still number one). But he’s not the only Stewart in the spotlight; James’ younger brother Malcolm is a rising star in Supercross himself, and for radio control fans, he’s the Stewart to [...]

Feb 17, 2016 Comments
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Fast Laps: Should There Be Less Factory Pros in Racing?

Recently in shocking news, legendary driver Atsushi Hara announced that he would compete as a privateer in nitro off-road racing after leaving SWorkz. In another situation, Drew Moller announced his departure from HB/HPI Racing in order to pursue a college education. But, these aren’t the only instances where drivers have made big moves as a [...]

Jan 20, 2016 Comments
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SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited Edition 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit- Brap!

Nitro buggies rule the outdoor tracks and this one from SWORKz is the company’s latest dirt slayer. Dubbed the S350 EVO II Limited Edition, the buggy boasts competition grade features and a host of tuning options you’d expect in a buggy at this level. Hosting a pivot-ball front suspension and an increase in their BBS [...]

Jan 14, 2016 Comments
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Schelle Asterisk Wing Buttons For 1/10 and 1/8 Buggies Add Some Extra Bling

Part of the fun of owning an RC car for bashing or racing, is having it reflect your own unique style and tastes. Schelle Racing Innovations is known worldwide by serious racers for their tuning items to help increase performance, but these unique wing buttons can add some style and also eliminate the need for [...]

Jan 13, 2016 Comments
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Fast Laps: Who Is the Best Driver Ever?

Ask any group of RC racers who they pick for the best driver ever, and chances are you’ll get some pretty passionate opinions and arguments. Like a Presidential campaign, emotions can get heated and facts exaggerated. That’s because these talented drivers often reflect something in ourselves- something we relate to or hold in a very [...]

Dec 22, 2015 Comments
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KO PROPO Adds Some Bling with Their New Limited Edition Blue EX-1 KIY Version 3

A transmitter is an important interface between the driver and the vehicle and critical to having the best performance. The types of features and ergonomics can elevate it from an entry level item to professional grade. KO Propo has been making radio systems for a long time and understand this importance and realize the looks [...]

Dec 21, 2015 Comments
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HPI Savage XL 5.9 by Ulysses Prioleau [Reader's Ride]

Ulysses wrote in to tell us that his very favorite types of article in RC Car Action are the How-to’s showing tricks for customizing and upgrading your truck. From the pics, it looks like he has been taking good notes! He tells us he did “a little” custom work to the front end of his [...]

Nov 19, 2015 Comments
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Maxxed out Traxxas T-Maxx by Rob DeLeon [Reader's Ride]

This Traxxas T-Maxx started life like any other, but Rob DeLeon (of Bakersfield, CA) soon lost control of his investment. Nearly $3,000 later he has the truck you see before you: the Supermaxx—which he has now owned for 15 years and he has been upgrading it fairly continuously all along. It has an Unlimited Engineering [...]

Jul 29, 2015 Comments
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