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HPI RTR Firestorm 10T Gets Updated

The HPI Firestorm 10T combines HPI’s legendary durability with the high performing, nitro burning, Firestorm stadium truck platform. Built to conquer whatever you throw at it, the already well-equipped Firestorm just got even better! It still packs the same all metal gear drivetrain, extremely powerful G3.0 power plant and aluminum tuned pipe just to name [...]

Apr 28, 2011 Comments
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OFNA Ultra LX2 RTR 1/8 Nitro Buggy

The ULTRA LX2 continues the legacy of the ultra series, bringing new innovative features to this hi-performance 1/8th scale off-road buggy. Our research and development team found that this kit was very easy to drive with smooth and consistent handling, thanks to new features such as the 16mm big bore shocks, triad racing tires and [...]

Apr 27, 2011 Comments
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Kyosho Inferno Neo Race Spec 2.4GHz Ready Set Nitro 1/8 Buggy

With the power and torque of a .28 and the sharp performance an added fuel economy of a .21 engine, the newly developed KE25 engine delivers the best of both worlds. Awesome power being produced by the KE25 will support any type of running, from all out bashing to full on racing. With the new [...]

Apr 26, 2011 Comments
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DE Racing Hot Bodies D8 Hara Edition Mud Guards

DE Racing has just released a mud guard for the Hot Bodies D8 Hara Edition. These guards have been altered from the originals to accommodate the use of optional threaded hinge pins in the rear hubs as found on the Hara Edition. DER-111-HB – $6.95

Apr 21, 2011 Comments
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HUDY Engine After Run Oil

Specially-developed high-quality engine after-run oil to be used in any nitro engine. Engine corrosion protection oil used when storing engine after run. Filled in perfect handy 50ml bottle, made in Europe. Orange color. Specially-developed high-quality engine after-run oil For any nitro engine Engine corrosion protection oil Used when storing engine after run Handy 50ml bottle [...]

Apr 18, 2011 Comments
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HUDY Air Filter Foams And Oil

Inner + outer low-profile foam filter element for air filter. Set of 10pcs including 50ml specially-developed #106240 HUDY high-quality air filter oil. Inner+outer foam filter element Includes 50ml specially-developed #106240 HUDY high-quality air filter oil Set of 10pcs #293540 Air Filter Foam & Oil (10) – XRAY XB808 Low Profile Style #293541 Air Filter Foam [...]

Mar 30, 2011 Comments
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Hot Bodies 21XZ-B Hara Edition Nitro Engine

The engine that took Atsushi Hara to his second 1/8th buggy Worlds podium (and nearly won him two consecutive World titles!) is going to be available from HB as a special Atsushi Hara Edition HB .21 race engine. This engine will be the exact same spec as the engine he used at the 2010 Worlds [...]

Mar 25, 2011 Comments
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Dynamite RC Speedpack Green Series 1/8 LiFe Receiver Pack

Dynamite’s Speedpack Green series 1/8th scale Life receiver pack (DYN1413) provides nitro enthusiasts with a safe and affordable power solution for 1/8th scale nitro buggies and truggies. The pack pumps out 6.6V and will work with HV servo’s and requires no regulator. Not only are they safer than lipo packs, they are also lighter providing [...]

Mar 24, 2011 Comments
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