Traxxas Carb Settings

When we see a racer is getting frustrated chasing a setup by throwing tweak after tweak at a vehicle, we often recommend starting over with the factory baseline setup. The same often holds true for tuning a nitro engine. Instead of tuning and tuning, we recommend starting over with the factory settings. If you have [...]

Sep 14, 2011 Comments
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JQ Products Releases THE Upgraded Car And THE Upgrade Kit

Recently JQ Products’ Random Decisions department has been hard at work, finalising THEUpdate. Our goal is not to make just another car, or an average racing machine. We want to make this THEBest 1:8th Scale Buggy out there. This means that we have to keep improving the quality and performance of THECar. This update includes [...]

Sep 12, 2011 Comments
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Team Durango Flex Brace System Set For The DEX410

The Flex Brace System for the DEX410 models allows you to tune the flex of the rear of the chassis. The set consists of a CNC machined aluminium rear brace that mounts to the side rails of the chassis with screws that pass through flexible rubber inserts. The flexibility of the rear of the chassis [...]

Aug 31, 2011 Comments
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Team Durango Fuel Gun

The new Team Durango fuel gun offers super quick refuelling, with minimal fuel wastage due to overfilling your fuel tank. The fuel gun has a 200cc reservoir, and features easy to read volume markings down the side. The fuel gun is made from tough materials, making it strong, reliable and durable. With its ergonomical design, [...]

Aug 31, 2011 Comments
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VP/PowerMaster Master Basher 20 RTR Fuel

VP/ PowerMaster developed the perfect recipe for RTR engines and sport/ entry level hobbyists. Master Basher 20 is a sophisticated blend that utilizes an advanced lubrication and additive package designed for entry-level engines and users that result in less wear and longer engine life. With such a broad tuning range, Master Basher 20 is undoubtedly [...]

Aug 26, 2011 Comments
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Team Durango Option Parts For The DNX408

New option parts for the Team Durango DNX408 have been released to tune performance and make your ‘408 stand out from the crowd.                     Aluminium Turnbuckles These aluminium turnbuckles offer lower weight when compared to the standard steel part. Anodized gold they also add style to [...]

Aug 25, 2011 Comments
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Kyosho 1/8 Inferno ST-RR EVO Comp Kit

Not content with its impressive record of multiple victories, the Inferno ST charges ahead with further enhancements in the most powerful version yet in the form of the Inferno ST RR EVO. The dynamic off-road speed of a racing buggy combines with the strength of a stadium truck to produce a machine that continues to [...]

Aug 15, 2011 Comments
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When Should I Move Up to the Next Class?

Moving up in classes can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Advancing depends mostly on your driving and wrenching skills but may also you may also have to take into consideration your competition or if you are moving from novice to intermediate or intermediate to expert. I will brush on both areas. I wish [...]

Aug 01, 2011 Comments
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