New JConcepts Silencer shell for D812

JConcepts has expanded its Silencer body styling to the Hot Bodies D812 nitro buggy. The most noticeable feature of this body is the the “shark fin” that sits on top of the forward facing cab. This fin was added to create more stability, plus channel the air in two different directions. So only does it [...]

Jun 19, 2013 Comments
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Duratrax’s New Nitro Camaro ZL1

Just in time for Summer, Duratrax has released a new on-road RTR Camaro ZL1 that is perfect for folks looking to get in some speed runs in front of their house. Available in two colors, the Camaro ZL1 comes equipped with a 18R engine which should provide more than enough power. The 18R comes to [...]

Jun 10, 2013 Comments
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Tekno announces NB48 Nitro Buggy [RCX Product News]

Tekno RC has been producing aftermarket products for a while now, but just recently they started to offer complete vehicle kits starting with the EB48 1/8 electric buggy.  They followed up this popular buggy with their SCT410 4×4 short course truck, and this weekend at RCX they debuted their new nitro vehicles.  Today they sent [...]

Jun 03, 2013 Comments
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New JConcepts Pre-Mounted Truggy Tires

Let’s face it, no one likes to work hard in a hobby that is supposed to be “fun”. Gluing up new tires is one of those RC chores that keeps getting shelved to the back burner until your tires are almost bald. Well now thanks to JConcepts this chore gets easier for truggy owners as [...]

May 22, 2013 Comments
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The Agama A8 Evo Gets “Finnished”

JConcepts first debuted the Finnisher body design at the 2011 IFMAR World Championships in Vaasa, Finland and since then they have been offering this body for their nitro line of products too. This particular body was first spotted as a prototype at the 2012 IFMAR 1/8 Off-Road World Championships, and now it is available to [...]

May 21, 2013 Comments
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FTW Phoenix body for Mugen MBX6T

FTW expands their Phoenix body line to now include the Mugen MBX6T truggy. Read more in the official press release below: Fearless combination of divergent elements is the modus operandi of FTW’s renegade design team. It comes as no surprise then that when handed a truggy and blank check , the result was Phoenix—pure performance [...]

May 10, 2013 Comments
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New FTW 2013 Spec Body For The XB9

FTW updates their popular Night Fox body to fit the 2013 specs for the XRAY XB9: Performance packaged in convention-smashing style defines FTW’s philosophy. The iconic Night Fox design has illustrated this while winning races across the globe. Xray’s XB9 2013 is the latest beneficiary. Tailored to fit the 2013 Spec’s wider chassis, the newest [...]

Apr 27, 2013 Comments
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JConcepts releases RC8.2 Silencer body

This body 1st debuted at the IFMAR worlds, and now JConcepts announces that it is available to the general public. The Silencer body features clipped side-pods with extended runners and uses a narrowed cock-pit to allow for more air flow around the engine’s heat-sink. Check out all the features in the press release below: JConcepts, [...]

Apr 25, 2013 Comments
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