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Vantage Carbon Fiber T-Maxx Chassis

Vantage Racing T-Maxx Carbon Fiber Chassis The long-awaited Vantage Racing Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Traxxas T-Maxx is finally available, and all it takes is a quick look and you know it was worth the wait. The 4mm thick chassis is lightweight and rigid, and it looks fantastic installed on the T-Maxx.  The chassis includes [...]

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XTM Racing Monster MT

If you like your monster trucks big, you’ll certainly dig the new Montser MT from XTM Racing. It’s 1/8+ scale, includes 7-in. diameter tires, an all-steel 2-speed transmission and .28 engine. More info here.

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Associated Monster GT 4.60 SE

The Monster GT now has a bigger stomp, now that Associated has bored it out to a full 4.6cc (.28ci). To help the MGT handle the extra thump,there are new steel gears in the 2-speed tranny and beefed-up CV axles spin the wheels. Talk about it here.
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Sirio .23 T-Maxx Racing Engine

Sirio is introducing a new high-performance engine that boasts massive .23 cubic inch displacement. The included photos suggest a 7+2 port configuration with a three-port exhaust. A turbo two-piece cylinder head and a very large diameter turbo crankshaft are also included. A skirted piston and a machined double-bushing conrod round out this big bore package. Supposedly a new engine mount is required to install the engine, which has small-block engine mount spacing between the bolt holes, but is wider than a standard small-block thanks to the much larger crankshaft bearings. A standard exhaust port is also used, which should enable the use of this engine for many other applications beside the T-Maxx. Many standard 90 and 180 degree exhaust headers already exist that will fit this engine. It should also become very popular among those who like to stuff larger engines in their car or truck. Now it will be much easier because the crankcase of this new engine is much more compact than a standard big-block. Engine will include mounting hardware.

For more information, Click Here or visit the Team Trinity website.

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Pro-Line Nissan Titan for Maxx, Revo and Savage

Nissan’s nastiest 4X4 is the latest ride to be immortalized in fully-licensed Pro-Line lexan. As always, a full decal sheet and overspray film are included, and heavy-duty .060 lexan is used for maximum strength. The Titan pictured here is also wearing Pro-Line’s PowerStroke shocks, Cheyenne 40-series wheels, and Moab rubber. Want the look? Ask for item no. 3184-00 next time you’re in the shop..

Click Here for more information and feedback on this topic at the RC Zone forum.

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TRINITY HemiMaxx Truck Body

Trinity recently released a new, blown-hemi truck body for the Traxxas T-Maxx. The body is pulled from 0.040-inch Lexan and includes window masks and a decal sheet with lights, grills and door handles.
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Pro-Line 40 Series Bow Tie tires for Traxxas Maxx trucks

Here’s the buzz, straight from Pro-Line:
We’ve all experienced unwanted sidewall flex at one time or another. Sidewall flex is the downfall to most Monster Truck tires, until now. Pro-Line introduces their latest off-road concoction for Monster Trucks—the 40 Series Bow-Tie. Monster Trucks are equipped with miles and miles of suspension travel. The need for additional travel from sidewall flex of a tire only hinders the trucks performance. Well, needless to say, the 40 Series Bow-Tie nearly eliminates all sidewall flex ensuring the quickest, most consistent lap times.

When you’re looking for the latest in tire technology advancements, then check out Pro-Line’s all-new 40 Series Bow-Tie, keepin’ your Monster Truck hooked-up. Click here to see the Bow Ties installed, and visit for more info!

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Faster, more power, wider stance—the new T-Maxx is here!

The name is the same, but the new T-Maxx is a very different truck from the one that you’ve seen everywhere since 1999. The big story is the T-Maxx’s wider stance (it’s a full inch wider, thanks to new, longer arms) and it’s rear-exhaust, round-port TRX 2.5 engine and re-engineered EZ-Start system. According to Traxxas, the new engine pumps out 60 percent more power than the TRX Pro.IPS Crankshaft
IPS stands for ‘Integrated Pilot Shaft,’ which eliminates the need for a separate clutch pilot shaft; instead, the TRX 2.5’s crank and pilot shaft are machined as one piece. This increases precision for a wobble-free clutch, and there’s no threaded-on pilot shaft to come loose.

— Lightweight, offset-wristpin piston and knife-edged connecting rod with 1:1 bore to stroke ratio.
Trimming weight from an engine’s reciprocating parts is an instant power gainer, and according to Traxxas, the long-stroke design actually reduces friction by applying less side load to the piston as it cycles through the cylinder. The connecting rod is also knife-edged to reduce ‘windage’ and minimize the conrod’s effect on the flow of fuel and air through the crankcase.

— Slide carburetor with molded body.
Plastic-body carbs aren’t as prone to retaining heat or being distorted when heated as aluminum carbs are, so your mixture settings stay put, and the incoming fuel/air mixture stays cooler as it enters the engine. The carb also features an integrated return spring and a stop for the low-speed mixture screw to protect the spraybar against over-tightening.

Traxxas spent a lot of time bomb-proofing the TRX 2.5′s EZ-Start 2 electric starter. The hand-held starter unit now fully encloses the battery, and has sophisticated circuitry that regulates the glow plug voltage so you’ll never need a separate glow igniter. The unit is also equipped with a thermal shut-down feature to prevent overheating, and diagnostic LEDs indicate glow plug and drive-circuit status for no-guess starting. The hardware that actually cranks over the engine is new too; in addition to an overall beef-up, the new gear train features an elastomer ‘cush drive’ that protects the gears from kickback and overloading.

In addition to the new engine and wide-track suspension, the T-Maxx will include:

>— Molded head cap to prevent rollovers from scarring the TRX 2.5’s heatsink head.
>— Larger-diameter drive shafts rated for high-horsepower.
>— Thicker, 3mm aluminum chassis—50% more rigid than the original.
>— New, thicker 3.5mm turnbuckles.
>— All-new six-color graphics in four color mixes.

Talk about it! Click Here to discuss the new T-Maxx on our bulletin board.

Visit Traxxas! Click here for T-Maxx info from the Traxxas website.

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